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3 Reasons Why English Became International Language

English is famous for its title, The Global Language. This title is also supported by how English is often used, from regional to international. Until now, English is still number one on the list of most spoken languages worldwide. Therefore, here we have three reasons why English become an international language until this day! What is International Language? Before we talk about why English became an international language, first of all, let me tell you what precisely international language means. Basically, an international language is a language that can connect people from different

3 Reasons for Helping Your Child to Learn English

Able to write, read, and speak in English from a young age can be a plus point for children. Not only are they able to develop their skills in languages. But, it is also able to help them in the future. After all, English is an international language that people use on many occasions. To know more about this matter, we have three main reasons for helping your child learn English! Why Kids Should Learn English Education is one of the best gifts parents can give their children. Moreover, if you can give them global knowledge, that will help them in the future, not only in their education life

5 Effective Ways to Learn English Faster

English is the most used language in the world. Therefore, if you want to enhance your skill in English, you can try these 5 effective ways to learn English faster.  Both on formal or informal occasions, you will need to use English as the main written and spoken language. So, it's not a surprise if every school, from elementary to university, has a subject or courses to study English. Thus, you need to understand how to learn English faster. Effective Ways to Learn English Faster Learning English is not only about how many dictionaries you have. But, it is about how you can choose an

What is ESOL and The Benefits?

If you're moving to an English-speaking nation, you've probably heard of ESOL. This designation aids academic institutions, government entities, and companies determine your English competence. So, what is ESOL? Learning more about ESOL programs may help you improve your English skills to the point where you can work in a professional setting. In this post, we look at the definition of ESOL and other related words, the four core language skills, where to locate ESOL programs, and some helpful hints for English learners. What is ESOL? ESOL is an acronym for English for Speakers of Other

7 English Slang Words You Need to Know in 2022

English slang words could be a challenge, even for native speakers. Thus, Fun English Course wants to make it easier for you by listing some of the most popular slang words 2022. We have solemnly committed to keeping you abreast of the most recent developments in English slang. However, with the meteoric rise in popularity of Tiktok, there is a new generation of phrases to keep up with. Therefore, we hope you will find our efforts worthy of use. It is possible that not all of them were first formed in this year, but it seems as if they will be around for a while, so strap up and get ready

How to Improve English Speaking Skills in 3 Easy Ways!

Almost every single language learner asks the question of how to improve English speaking skills.  However, when studying a second language, you will have conversations with a wide variety of native speakers, including your instructor, restaurant waiters, taxi drivers, and even your landlord. Thus, it is essential that you feel at ease.  You can use strategies to enhance you're speaking English in a focused manner, just as there are strategies that can be used to improve your writing, listening, or any other ability. Here are some of them: 1. Communicate Let's get one thing out of the

How to Read and Write Dates in English

Dates and numbers are one of the most important things to understand when you're learning English. It may sound simple, but when you write or speak about dates in English, you must be clear about them. So, here are some tips on how to read and write dates in English. How to Write Dates in English There are differences in how you read, write, or say dates in British and America. Therefore, you need to choose the writing style in the needed English. Here is some information about dates in British and dates in America! Dates in British First, let's talk about how to write dates in British

3 Important Tips for English Learners

Learning English can be a lot of fun. But even though it's a widely available and relatively simple language to pick up, it also has 750,000 words and pronunciation that can hurl off even some of the most skilled students. Thus, it might seem impossible to learn English quickly, especially when you don't know the right tips for English learners.  However, Fun English Course is here to inform you that this is not the case so long as you use the appropriate tactic. The following is a list of our best advice on how to learn English at lightning speed! 1. Read Anything You Can Put Your Hands

4 Ways to Stay Motivated when Learning English

Learning English is one of the most important things every student should do nowadays. However, you need to find some ways to stay motivated when learning English. English has been known as an international language that is used in many forums and occasions. But, for those whose mother tongue isn't English, such as Indonesia, learning a new language such as English can be tough. Moreover, they may lose motivation because of the struggles that happened.  Here’s how you can stay motivated during your learning phase!  Practical Ways to Stay Motivated when Learning English There are a lot

6 Tips for Teaching English to Beginners in 2022

Do you want to learn some tips for teaching English to beginners?  First, consider your early years. Do you recall when a grownup asked you a question and simply stared open-mouthed (not to be impolite or anything) since it was all gibberish to you?  In a language course, that's how ESL newbies feel. They'll get scared and shut down if the instructor begins babbling in a word they don't recognize. As a teacher, you cannot afford to scare your students when they are trying their best to learn. Thus, you can start by applying our tips on teaching English as a second language!  1. Keep
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