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4 Tips on How to Learn English at Home Effectively

Are you having difficulty maintaining a suitable English learning routine at home? Check out these tips on how to learn English at home to acquire better progress! Why Learning English at Home? These days, many people choose a solo language learning journey due to the easier accessibility of the materials. Accordingly, at-home learning has become a choice. Moreover, learning English at home is an excellent option for those whose daily activity is relatively packed since they can adjust the schedule based on their daily routine.. There are three main reasons why people choose home

Top 5 Countries in Asian English Proficiency Ranking

Comparatively, Asia has the widest variety of English proficiency. Asian English proficiency ranking starts with Singapore at "extremely high," the Philippines at "high," Malaysia at "moderate," Indonesia at "low," and Thailand at "very low" proficiency levels. For the second year running, Education First's English Competency Index reveals a minor dip in Asian English ability.  Unfortunately, over half of the nations polled reported an overall decrease in proficiency. Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, and Hong Kong had the region's best English-speaking populations. As Asia

TOEFL vs IELTS: The Differences That You Have to Know!

Are you preparing to study abroad? Get ready to hand in an English test score proof of your English qualification. TOEFL and IELTS are the most popular and internationally accepted tests that you can take. Check out the differences between TOEFL vs IELTS here! TOEFL and IELTS: What are They? TOEFL and IELTS are different tests conducted by different organizations.  IELTS[1] is conducted by IDP: IELTS Australia, Cambridge Assessment English, and British Council. Meanwhile, TOEFL[2] is held by ETS (Educational Testing Service). The scores you get from these tests are valid proof of your

Why You Should Join an Online American English Course

As a global language, English has some variations with differences. The two most famous English variations are American English and British English. Which one should you learn? Find out the answer and why an American English course is beneficial for you here. American English vs British English, What are the Differences? Actually, these two varieties of English are not the only variety that exists globally. Based on Grammarist[1], there are South African English, New Zealand English, Australian English, etc. However, American and British English are popular since the first one has the

5 Benefits of Joining an English Course Conversation Program

In the context of English learning, communication plays a big part in speaking skill; the way you converse shows how good your speaking skill is. Therefore, many people enroll in English course conversation classes to enhance their skills. What are the benefits? Check out below! Benefits of Being Fluent in Speaking English Speaking Fluently speaking English can lead you to many more opportunities out there. Based on the Academy of Culture and Language[1], there are some useful benefits of being fluent in English, for example: Connect with global citizens. It can open up more career

English Course Online with Certificate at Fun English Course

Nowadays, numerous websites provide English courses online with certificates. Many people prefer this kind of course since they can get solid proof that they have taken it. So, how will English courses certificates benefit you and how to get them? Find out here. The Benefits of Having English Course Certificates Enrolling in a course that offers a certificate is beneficial for you in some ways. Therefore, check out these benefits that you can get from having course certificates! 1. Enhance Your Portfolio According to Clarke University[1], a portfolio contains a compilation of the

Learn English for Kids Ideas from Fun English Course

Are you looking for the best ways to start learning English at a young age? Don’t worry. We’ve got it covered for you! Check out the best ways to learn English for kids below! English for Kids Fun Activities Recommendation You-wei Chu[1] stated that the learning environment profoundly affects children’s growth. Therefore, responsible adults should know how to use positive guidelines to educate children.  Here are five fun activities you can do to improve your English skill in fun and exciting ways: 1. Playing Games There are tons of  games to create a serious yet playful

Learn English Online with Teacher at Fun English Course

Learning English autonomously might be fun and flexible. However, when you choose to learn English online with teacher, it will bring great benefits to the table. Check out the benefits! The Benefits of Learning English Online with Teachers Mastering the art of learning English by yourself might sound like the best idea.  Moreover, there are an infinite amount of websites that provide learning materials for you to learn English for free. However, some of these websites don’t offer a teacher’s help in learning—the learners are self-taught. Having an English tutor to guide you

Learn English Online for IELTS at Fun English Course

Want to pass the IELTS exam with flying colors? We have compiled some tips for you to follow. One of them is to learn English online for IELTS. Check these out! 5 Tips to Ace IELTS Exam According to IELTS.org[1], this exam is required for someone who wants to study or migrate abroad to specific countries where English is the native language, such as the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. IELTS tests your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. Having a good score in IELTS is promising to open many opportunities for you.  Therefore, prepare for the exam by following

Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri Supports English for Indonesia Program from the British Embassy

The Minister of Manpower, M Hanif Dhakiri, supports the steps taken by the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and the British Embassy in Jakarta to create an “English for Indonesia” language training program. The program is believed to be able to help Indonesian people care more about English and have the capacity and ability to master English. "We support the implementation of the English for Indonesia program as a way to improve the quality of human resources in facing the challenges of the world of work," said Hanif, when opening the Breakfast Event Workshop held by the British