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How to Improve English for Business in 6 Simple Steps

To get ahead at work, one of the important skills you need to have is business English communication. Generally, many business professionals require a good level of English to communicate at work. So, how to improve English for business? Here is the list of things you can do: 1. Read and Listen to News in English While having breakfast in the morning, you can also surf the internet and read the news in English. You can also listen to a podcast on the way to work.  There are many options for you to try with many news or contents in English provided on the internet. By keeping the habit

Six Weirdest Words in English You Might Never Hear Of

As of 2022, there are 171.476 English words in the Oxford English Dictionary and more than 40.000 obsolete words. Among that numbers, some words might sound funny to your ears. Curious? Here are six weirdest words in English that you might never know existed. 6 English Strange Words and Their Meanings The English language was developed from the Germanic language in the middle of the 5th century. It has been flourishing ever since Now, English has become one of the most important languages in the world. Because of that, many people aim to be fluent in it by memorizing many English words.

How to Write Footnote on Google Docs and Words

Have you ever been curious how to write footnotes that you always see when you read academic papers or books? Or, you need to use footnotes for your academic tasks? Rest assured! In this article you will find out how to use footnotes for your papers! Before we jump step by step on how to write footnotes on Google Docs and Words, first of all let’s talk about the definition of footnote itself. What is a Footnote? Do you ever notice little numbers beside certain words in a sentence that you read? Or, do you notice some superscripts and correspond to those numbers at the bottom of the

How to Improve Your Vocabulary in 6 Easy Ways

Improving your vocabulary is one of the keys to excelling in English, which means improving your communication skill. Although it is not an instant process, there are some ways to do that. Here are six tips on how to improve your vocabulary. 6 Ways How to Increase Your Vocabulary Fast What causes a lack of vocabulary? The answer to the question requires a long explanation. But the most important reason is that English has thousands of words, to begin with. If you are not a native speaker, such a problem will probably occur, which is understandable. However, it means that you can leave

What is Antecedent and How to Use It?

In English grammar, it is well known that there are a lot of terms that need to be learned if you want to understand English well. But, have you ever known things called antecedent? Well, in this article we will learn about what is antecedent and some examples about it! Based on Merriam-Webster dictionary, what can define an antecedent is a preceding event, cause, or condition. To understand more about antecedents, you can check our explanation below! What is an Antecedent in English Grammar? In English grammar, antecedent is known as a subject that will be renamed by the other word

6 Commonly Used English Abbreviation in Daily Life

When it comes to learning English, knowing English abbreviations is just as important as memorizing vocabulary or understanding idioms. It is because a lot of it is used in daily conversation, and understanding it means you can communicate better. Here is a list of abbreviations commonly used daily. 6 English Abbreviation List to Remember What are abbreviations? An abbreviation is a process of shortening a word or a phrase for simpler use. Usually, it is used in both verbal and non-verbal conversations and on both formal and informal occasions. The use of the abbreviation is quite common.

6 Effective Tips on How to Improve English Writing Skills

Have you ever struggled with typos or difficulties finding words even though they're on the tip of your tongue? It may be time to work up your writing game. How to improve English writing skills effectively? We have six tips for you. 6 Ways to Improve Writing Skills and Vocabulary In learning English, writing skill is just as vital as speaking, no matter your fluency level. For that reason, all English competency tests such as TOEFL or TOEIC include writing as one of their subjects. That is why you cannot take it lightly. These tips below improve writing skills for students, employees,

How to Improve English Speaking Skills Effectively

When it comes to speaking, there are many English learners who feel hesitant and lack confidence in their skills. This productive skill is indeed a bit intimidating to practice, but—as wise men said—practice makes perfect. Check out these easy tips on how to improve English speaking skills effectively!  How to Improve Your Speaking Skills and English Proficiency There are various ways to help you enhance your speaking skills. Here are the doable tips to follow during your English-speaking practices! Expand Your Vocabulary To help strengthen your speaking skill, widening

8 Most Popular English Idioms For All Occasions

Sometimes, learning English is like pulling teeth. You have to unveil layers by layers of the language before fully wrapping your brain around it. One thing that cannot be separated during English learning is the existence of idioms. You can easily spot idioms in daily life conversations or writings as it is common knowledge for most people. However, there are numerous English best idioms—and it is quite impossible to memorize all of them. Therefore, we have a list of the most popular English idioms to use for all occasions. 8 English Idioms with Meanings and Sentences Do you want to

6 Games Recommendation to Make Learning English Fun

There are various ways to make learning English fun, and one of them is by playing games. Indeed, playing games can help you be a better learner, especially when it comes to foreign languages. That, if you know which one to play. So, here are 6 recommendations for you to play this weekend. 6 Lists of Fun Games to Learn English Actually, playing games is not a new way to learn English. Many studies state that it's a fun yet effective way to get deeper into the language. So, play these 6 games, and see how it affects your English skills. 1. Scrabble When it comes to practicing English,
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