Exploring the Globe: Which Countries Use British English as Their Official Language?

25 May 2024 / Team Fun English Course

Which countries use British English as their official language, and why is it so widespread? British English serves as the official language in numerous countries around the world. 

This widespread adoption traces back to the British Empire’s expansive colonial past. From the bustling markets of India to the academic halls of Australia, the dialect facilitates communication as well as connects diverse cultures. 

Let’s find out countries with British English as their official language other than the United Kingdom itself through this article.

1. British English in Australia and Oceania

UK English global influence

The dialect of British English is popular in countries across Australia and Oceania. While the UK English global influence is strong in this continent, Australia and New Zealand serve as prime examples of British English shaping the standard dialect along with other discourses. 

On the other hand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea stand as the smaller islands of the Pacific that use this dialect for their education systems and government operations.

2. South Africa

Which countries use British English

British English also serves as one of several official languages in South Africa. This usage stems from the period of British colonization in the early 19th century. 

Despite the presence of eleven official languages, the British form of English is crucial for official communication in South Africa, especially when it comes to science and commerce.

3. Jamaica

Countries with British English as an official language

Jamaica gained independence from the British colony in 1962. However, the country continues to become one of the countries with British English as its official language. The influence is quite evident as they use British English in education and government, especially in their legal system. 

However, Jamaican English has evolved to include a unique dialect known as Creole or Jamaica Patois—it’s a combination of British English and African influences. Even the language reflects the country’s multicultural heritage.

4. Barbados

Which countries use British English

The British form of English is widely used in Barbados, especially in formal settings. The spread resulted from the British colonization era, which ended in 1966. 

While the Bajan dialect—it’s a blend of African, British English, and other influences—is popular in casual settings, Barbados takes British English as its standard in professional and formal contexts.

5. Trinidad and Tobago

Which countries use British English

This country uses English with the British dialect as its official language. However, the dialect has many influences, such as Spanish, Hindi, French, and several African touches. Trinidad Creole is another official language applied in this country, incorporating British English elements.

6. The Bahamas

Which countries use British English

The colonization of British Empire was colonized until 1973 in the Bahamas. This is why the British dialect is used across this country’s formal environments, from education to government sectors. Still, you can spot Bahamian dialects that sound unique.

7. India

British English-speaking countries

India remains one of the British English-speaking countries in a more complex picture. While Hindi and English are both used for official purposes, English often serves as a subsidiary official language. 

While this country follows British grammatical norms and vocabularies, Indian English has unique characteristics and idioms as well.

8. Malta

Which countries use British English

Malta was a British colony until 1964. Thus, this country uses English as one of its official languages—alongside Maltese. The use of British English in this country reflects the colonial past of Malta, along with its continuing ties with Commonwealth and European institutions.

9. Singapore

British English dialects worldwide

Singapore has four official languages, one of which is English. In addition to being the medium of instruction in schools, the British English dialects worldwide facilitate communication and business among the multiethnic population in this country. 

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