Top 7 English-Speaking Asian Destinations for Travelers

24 February 2024 / Team Fun English Course

In the mosaic of cultures that define Asia, a select few destinations stand out for their fluency in the global lingua franca. Asian countries that speak English not only bridge communication gaps but also open up a world of convenience and connection for travelers. 

From the bustling streets of Singapore to the historic lanes of the Philippines, these top 7 English-speaking Asian destinations promise an effortless journey through the continent’s rich heritage and modern marvels.

1. Singapore

Which Asian country speaks most English?

Which Asian country speaks the most English? Singapore is the answer! This nation has integrated English seamlessly into its multicultural fabric. The root came from its colonial past. 

Today, English in Singapore bridges the diverse ethnic community. It’s no wonder that the language has become the linchpin in education, business, and government. Thus, this strategic choice has propelled Singapore to the forefront of global commerce, education, and international relations.

2. Philippines

Most English-speaking countries in Southeast Asia

Among the most English-speaking countries in Southeast Asia, the Philippines stands out due to its historical ties with the United States. The colonization introduced English as the official language of this country. 

Moreover, this strategic adoption has made English a key part of education, government, and daily communication in the Philippines. It’s no wonder this country is among the highest on global English proficiency rankings.

3. India

Asian countries that speak English

India’s relationship with English is as intricate as it is fascinating. It weaves together threads of colonial history with modern aspirations. 

Once a jewel in the British Empire, English was introduced to India and has since become an integral part of its societal fabric. Today, English serves as an associate official language alongside Hindi. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in government, judiciary, and education.

4. Pakistan

English-speaking Asian countries list

In Pakistan, English holds the status of a co-official language alongside Urdu. This unique position in the list of English-speaking Asian countries stems from historical roots dating back to British colonial rule. 

Despite being one of the last regions to be annexed by the British, English swiftly became a marker of elite status. This language also holds power within various domains, such as the civil service, judiciary, and higher education, as well as in prestigious newspapers and entertainment.

5. Malaysia

Is Malaysia an English-speaking country?

Is Malaysia an English-speaking country? Yes, Malaysians widely use English in their daily life. 

It makes this country one of the most English-friendly countries in Asia. While English enjoys official language status, its usage is pervasive in urban centers like Kuala Lumpur. The language is widely used in business and education, and by the younger generation in these areas. 

However, it’s important to note that English proficiency can vary, with rural areas and older generations less likely to speak English fluently. Still, navigating with English in Malaysia is quite effortless and very comfortable.

6. Hong Kong

Asian countries that speak English

English became an everyday language in Hong Kong due to its history as a British overseas territory. Post-1947, English and Cantonese were established as the official languages, with English used widely in academia, business, the legal system, and government. 

Despite English being a second language for many, its prevalence in official and business domains, alongside bilingual signage, ensures its continued use in daily life in Hong Kong.

7. South Korea

Asian countries that speak English

South Korea’s embrace of English stems from its strong emphasis on education and global economic integration. English is viewed as crucial for academic success, career advancement, and competitive edge in the global market. 

This has led to widespread English education from a young age, with schools and universities prioritizing English proficiency.

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