Nonetheless vs Nevertheless: How to Use Them Correctly?

15 June 2023 / Team Fun English Course

When learning English, you may stumble upon the word ‘nonetheless’ and ‘nevertheless’. While the two sound similar, both words actually carry slightly different meanings. Then, what is the right use of nonetheless vs nevertheless?

In this article, you will learn more about the words, including their similarities and differences. Furthermore, you will also find a way to learn English in a more enjoyable. Just scroll along, and have fun learning.

Definitions of Nonetheless and Nevertheless

Definitions of Nonetheless and Nevertheless

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘nevertheless’ and ‘nonetheless’ meaning is quite similar, which is  “despite the fact”. However, in everyday use, it signifies something slightly different.

Before we go further, let us discuss the similarities first.

Both ‘nonetheless’ and ‘nevertheless’ are part of compound adverbs. It is a word consisting of multiple words to form an adjective. Therefore, ‘nonetheless’ components are ‘none’, ‘the’, and ‘less’, while ‘nevertheless’ are ‘never’, ‘the’, and ‘less’.

Moreover, both words are typically used as a conjunctive, which means it connects two sentences or situations into one.  For example;

  • I know he cheats on me; nevertheless, I still love him.”
  • She lost almost a million in a crypto market last night; she still has a billion more, nonetheless

You may think both examples seem familiar. Then, how do you use ‘nevertheless’ and ‘nonetheless’ in a sentence? Luckily, there are a few formulas to make these words easier to apply.

Use ‘Nonetheless’ When…

‘Nonetheless’ is more suitable to use when you want to portray something that goes against anything that happened or said. Moreover, you can also use it to signify a certain amount of something. Take a look at these examples;

  • “I told him not to give me anniversary presents; he bought me a new car, nonetheless
  • My therapist says I should keep journaling to release stress; nonetheless, I spend all night clubbing

Some people prefer to use ‘but’ before ‘nonetheless’. In fact, that is also grammatically correct, but it is unnecessary, as it may make the sentence appear longer.

Furthermore, what is more formal, ‘nonetheless’ or ‘nevertheless’? In this matter, many agree that ‘nonetheless’ is the formal one. However, it does not mean that ‘nevertheless’ is impolite either.

Use ‘Nevertheless’ When…

Where can I use ‘Nevertheless‘?” To make it simpler, just remember that the word uses ‘never’, which typically refers to time or certain facts.

Moreover, you can also compare the word with ‘in spite of’, ‘however, and ‘all the same’. For example;

  • I had never played Ludo before; nevertheless, I was optimist that this could be my win.
  • The cheerleaders were certainly not in their best conditions; they won the competition, nevertheless

Just like ‘nonetheless’, some people also use ‘but’ before the word. Even though it is permitted, it may not be necessary.

Nonetheless vs Nevertheless vs Regardless

Aside from the ‘nonetheless’ vs ‘nevertheless’ discussion, some people also get confused with ‘regardless’. Is ‘regardless’ has the same meaning as the other two?

In fact, it is not.

To put it simply, ‘regardless’ is a word that indicates ignorance of consequences, warnings, or indications. You can also compare it with ‘careless’ and ‘not paying attention to’. For example;

  • Daphne knew that the bread is moldy, but she ate it regardless.
  • Elisa knew he was married, but she still picks up his calls regardless.

Learning English Grammar The Fun Way

How do you use nevertheless and nonetheless in a sentence

Learning English may seem tricky, especially learning its grammar. However, do not let the challenge rid your happiness in learning the subject and withhold your progress. The best way to go is to keep practicing. And, for that, let us in Fun English Course help you.

With the best practice method, Fun English Course will assist you in reaching your goals with our exceptional programs and high-tier tutors. With us, understanding ‘nonetheless’ vs ‘nevertheless’, or any other topic will not only become easy, but also fun. Do not hesitate to call us to know more.

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