Native vs Global English Accent, Which One to Choose?

15 November 2022 / Team Fun English Course

As a worldwide lingua franca, English has many variations. A rising, stand-out variation of English is Global English. Global English possesses its unique points, especially in terms of accent.

Keen on discovering more about it? Let’s dig deeper into the beauty of Global English, including the Global English accent and other prominent features of it.

Defining Global English

Defining Global English

As stated by Galloway & Rose, the term Global Englishes relates to the concepts of world Englishes, ELF, and EIL. As English has been globally used, the language itself has transcended its original boundaries.

Originally, English was only used by countries in which English is their first language. However, the rise of globalization has connected people globally—hence the rise in the number of English speakers around the world. Nowadays, English is the world’s top spoken language, including in countries whose first language is not English.

The explosive growth of English makes has resulted in variations in usage. Citizens from various countries with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds started using English in a certain local style.

Therefore, as English itself is no longer associated with only “native speakers” of the language but also with worldwide users, the term Global English emerged.

The Problem with Native English

variation in English accent

Talking about native English, the most common idea that comes to people’s minds usually refers to the language native English speakers speak—the ones whose first language is English. People from the UK, the US, and likewise are common prime examples.

However, there are numerous countries in the world where English is their first language, such as Jamaica, Barbados, Nigeria, and more. These countries have their style of speaking their first language.

Eventually, the idea of “native English” starts to blur as people aside from the generally infamous countries above also speak the language.

Therefore, when someone asks about the real meaning behind native English, everyone hardly possesses the exact answer. How do we define native speaker when countries whose first language is English has various linguistic style and cultural background surrounding them?

The variation in English accents makes it harder for most people to draw the line between native and Global English.

Which English Accent is the Easiest to Learn? Consider These Points

how many accents in English

After discovering the truth behind “native English,” do you still keen on polishing your English accent to sound more native? Well, the choice is always yours. It is because “many” is the definite answer to the “How many accents in English” question.

However, there are several considerations for you regarding this problem.

Are you planning to visit or live in a native English-speaking country? If so, it will be beneficial for you to learn how to train your accent to be similar to your target country. By doing this, you will feel easier to fit in and interact with other people.

On the other hand, if you mainly use your English around your region or with other non-native speakers from different countries, using the accent of Global English is a great choice. That way, you won’t lose your identity while still making your speech unique and understandable.

In conclusion, there is no exact answer to the easiest English accent—it is relative to each individual. After all, the accent you pick up won’t matter much as long as you are well-spoken in English and fully understand what you are talking about.

Learn Accent in a Fun Way with Fun English Course

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