How to Prepare for Job Interview in English

20 May 2022 / Team Fun English Course

100,000 individuals study English every year to enhance their careers. It was the finest choice for many, as they also learned how to prepare for a job interview in English.  

However, addressing an English-speaking interviewer might be difficult for a new language learner. The interviewer wants to see how well you could come up with fascinating responses under pressure, which is tough if you have to translate them beforehand!

Therefore, preparation is the key to success. So, you need to do as much as you can before the business interview. You can learn English for a job interview with Fun English Course right here! 

Visualize The Ideal Applicants

Prepare for a job interview in english

A fantastic way to prepare for a hiring process in any culture is to review the job description. Highlight the recruiters’ desired characteristics, credentials, and experiences. Many applicants fail to include this information in their responses! 

Examine The Business

job interview example

Researching the business is a wonderful method to separate you from other candidates. It demonstrates your commitment to its goals and ideals and your desire to spend your future there. Here’s how you do it:

  • First, examine the company’s website, client reviews, social media accounts, and news reports. 
  • Next, get to know your interviewer – you could discover something in common. If you do, it might help you build rapport during the interview. 
  • Write a few lines regarding your findings, particularly good aspects about the firm. 
  • Last, adding a few business facts to the discussion shows you’ve done your homework and would be a loyal employee. 

Practice Common Job Interview Dialogue

job interview question and answers

The simple parts are often overlooked when you spend so much time on the challenging portions of interview preparation. Thus, you need to at least practice common job interview examples, such as: 

  • Describe your background for me.
  • I’d like to see a sample of your work history.
  • Tell me about your motivation for wanting to work here.
  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • Why should we choose you to work with us?
  • Describe the value you can provide to our organization.
  • Is there anything that you excel at?

Try to prepare your answer beforehand. Preparation can ease the interview and the interviewer, especially when you are not a native.

Learning to Do Your Interview

learn english for job interview

You cannot stop at knowing job interview questions and answers. You need to take a step further by revising your answer actually to pass a business English job interview.  Try this if you do not know how to do it! 

  • First, make sure that your answer is telling the truth about yourself. 
  • Avoid making big promises or exaggerating since your interviewer might not like that. 
  • Next, pay attention to your spelling and pronunciation.
  • You do not need to answer using formal language – Most interviewers would appreciate a job seeker who can give straightforward answers in conversational English. 
  • However, when addressing questions, you still need to watch your grammar. 

Tips from Fun English Course

We have prepared some tips to ease your job interview. Try to abide by these rules as much as you can! 

  • Listen to your interviewer – Although you can rehearse most of your answer, please listen to your interviewer’s question before making your final answer. 
  • Do not forget to greet your interviewer politely! 
  • Pay attention to your interviewer – You can show it by looking at them when you answer their question. 
  • Last, please say thank you before you close the interview. 

You can always learn more about how to prepare for a job interview in Fun English Course. So, do not hesitate to take our class right now! Apply here!

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