How to Improve Your Vocabulary in 6 Easy Ways

15 January 2023 / Team Fun English Course

Improving your vocabulary is one of the keys to excelling in English, which means improving your communication skill. Although it is not an instant process, there are some ways to do that. Here are six tips on how to improve your vocabulary.

6 Ways How to Increase Your Vocabulary Fast

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What causes a lack of vocabulary? The answer to the question requires a long explanation. But the most important reason is that English has thousands of words, to begin with. If you are not a native speaker, such a problem will probably occur, which is understandable.

However, it means that you can leave the situation for a short time. Increasing your vocabulary is a must; the tips below will tell you how.

1. Read More and Read Often

When you are reading, you are exposed to various words. Some of it you will find very common, while the other requires a dictionary for you to understand. However, both kinds will surely help you increase your vocabulary.

Basically, every book is a book to improve vocabulary. So, to make the process more enjoyable, make sure you read books in your favorite genre. Only if you are ready can you take the challenge and read another genre of books.

2. Play Games

As you may already know, there are various word games to improve vocabulary. For example, there are more classical ones such as Scrabble Hangman, or Flashcards.

If you are not keen on traditional vocabulary games, try playing a more trendy game, such as RPG games. That way, you can be exposed to various words and understand what kind of context or situation fits the words.

3. Try Mnemonics Technique

Have you ever heard of mnemonics? It is a technique to remember words by splitting them into several parts and associating each part with other things.

For example, you want to memorize the word “eager.” Then, you separate it into “ea” and “ger,” then associate it with “eat” and “GERD.” That way, you can remember “eager” as “eating for GERD patients.”

Not everybody finds this technique useful. Some think that this technique is not easy and hinders the process of learning. However, if this method suits you, it will help you memorize vocabulary even faster.

4. Learn, Speak, and Repeat

Then, how to improve your vocabulary and speech at the same time? Speak about it. Whenever you stumble upon a new word, you can try to insert it into the conversation when the moment fits.

This kind of method will work better with a training partner. With someone to chat with, memorizing new vocabulary will be easier than exercising alone. 

5. Bring Your Dictionary Around

There is nothing better to enhance your vocabulary collection than the classic strategy: bring the dictionary everywhere. This method might sound bothersome. After all, who needs extra baggage in the bag, right?

However, you can always install an online dictionary right on your gadgets. That way, you will have easy access to learning. Or you can write down the words you want to know the meaning of and look it up in the dictionary afterward.

6. Get A Tutor

Those tips above are easy to do. However, the easiest way to learn new vocabulary is by getting yourself a tutor.

Getting a tutor increases your chance of memorizing vocabulary faster than when you do it alone. Aside from that, the right tutor enables you to understand how to use the words in a sentence, fix the sentence structure, and help you apply the right grammar.

When it comes to finding a tutor, you can just rely on our courses in Fun English Course. Our competent tutors will ensure you get the best teaching possible, including on how to improve your vocabulary. To know more about us, do not hesitate to say hi.

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