8 Tips How to Learn English for Kids to Keep It Fun

Children who are introduced to foreign languages from an early age have been shown to improve cognitive abilities, especially in solving problems. And one of the most important and most widely taught languages is English. Learn English for kids from an early age is the right way. Because their memory is still solid and easy to receive information, it can be a significant factor in their success in absorbing and learning English.

Learn English for Kids to Keep It Fun

Parents can train their children in English at home or the course, not only at school. But teaching children English at home can be a bit difficult and seem boring. Children usually will be more fussy and spoiled if taught by their own parents.

Don’t worry. We will give you some simple but powerful tips to teach your child to be more proficient in English. Here’s how to learning English for kids to keep it fun:

Learning while playing games makes children feel like they are having fun. Therefore, involving games in study sessions is the best way to be applied.

One example is the word guessing game. This game will help children express their ideas based on pictures while translating them into English.

The words used can focus on expressions, hand movements, and body language, thus making children better at conveying what they want to say, both through verbal and non-verbal cues.

  • Use songs to support learning

Learning English for kids can be through by a song, but some parents directly choose several books to teach their children English. This text method can make children feel bored faster.

Instead, you can use a simple popular song or video with English lyrics. Songs and videos like this will help children in learning English.

But don’t choose just any song. Adjust it to the child’s age and the benefits of the meaning of the song itself. Please choose a song that specifically contains learning knowledge for children.

  • Using picture books

As is well known, children like picture books with bright colors rather than books that only have writing on them. Parents can use picture books to teach them the alphabet, animal names, fruits, or vegetables. In addition to knowing English vocabulary, children can also see pictures of the words being taught.

Start by pointing to the picture and tell the child in English. Then at the end of the session, ask again about the picture and let the child answer it without the help of the parents.

learn english for kids

For example, you could show them a picture of a dog and say ‘this is a fish’ first. After the child can identify it, then ask again ‘where is the fish?’, and let them show it.

  • Read English stories

Learning English for kids by reading short stories in English is something that needs to be done. That way, children will be helped to learn the language as well as develop listening and reading skills.

Tell interesting stories or fairy tales for children before going to bed or while studying. Children will be interested in the story and imitate the vocabulary you say.

  • Study outdoors

Learning does not have to be indoors. We can take the little one to the zoo and say the names of the animals in English, then ask the children to repeat them.

Or take the children to the park to see various plants and flowers. Whatever is around can be material for teaching English. For children to not get bored, it is necessary to refresh occasionally to see things outside the house.

  • Invite children to watch English films

Show your child about age-appropriate English films and let them follow the dialogue and storyline. After that, you can ask your child to play a specific character from the movie they have watched.

As Mama knows, teaching anything at an early age has its advantages. English can be easier to learn if it is taught correctly. Keeping things varied and exciting is one way to do it.

Make English conversation a natural habit at home. Slowly but surely, children will begin to understand English and express their thoughts about the language.

  • Dialogue with specific roles

This method invites children to play or do parts of a character. You can create stories with your favorite cartoon characters or children’s favorite superheroes to apply it.

In this way, you can invite your child to have a dialogue and involve him in the storyline to practice how to speak in English.

Do not judge the child if the language is still not correct. This will make them feel inferior and not want to continue their role. Just respond to whatever the child says and continue the dialogue until the end of the story.

  • Set a regular time to study

The best way to learn English for Kids is to set it into a routine. Try to set the time and determine the right time to study regularly.

The routine, which is filled as an English learning session, does not take a long time so that the kids are not bored. Just 15-20 minutes per day is enough because children have a stronger short-term memory focus.

It should be noted that short sessions are better than long and irregular sessions. In addition, make the English learning session a fun activity so that children stay involved in it.

Learn English for Kids at Fun English Course

Although watching movies, playing while learning, telling stories, and listening to music are fun ways to learn English, it would be better if you take an English course so you can interact with other friends too. Then, where is an attractive, exciting, but quality English tutoring place?

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