Nia Octaviana

Scholarships and Awards  Minority Recognition Award, an award from Office of Intercultural Programs and Services, Illinois State University, Illinois, USA, 2004 Outstanding Student of the Year (Graduate Student Excellence Award), an award from the Department of Economics, Illinois State University, Illinois, USA, 2004 Scholarship from Illinois State University, full tuition waiver (in conjunction with Fulbright scholarship), Illinois, USA, 2003 - 2004 Scholarship from Fulbright, full scholarship and living costs for graduate study at Illinois State University, Illinois, USA,

Donna Nadira

Publication“I Duly Tighten Your Necktie,” The Lab Review, 2016 “Mataku, Mulutmu, dan Sepatu Kanvas Kita,” BubblePop #8,  2014 “Cerita Oumar,” dalam Best Friend Forever, Dar! Mizan, 2013 Ttokpokki, FunWorld, 2011 Rio de Raneiro, Seri Pink Berry Club, Dar! Mizan, 2011 “Ratu Semut,” in Hypnolicious, Pink Berry Club Series, Dar! Mizan, 2010 Sir Junior, Pink Berry Club Series, Dar! Mizan, 2010 “Hatiku Ketinggalan di Jerman,” Kawula Magazine, SMAN 28, 2010 “Ide Cerita,” in Cyber Adventure, KKPK Series, Dar! Mizan, 2009 The Never Land, KKPK Series,

Anne Farida Irawati

Courses Attended Various courses, seminars and meetings on banking, banking services, airlines in daily operation handling, service,  airline administration, sales related matter, managerial course and others which were held by the company both locally and

Frank DiMiceli

Hobbies and Interest I was born in New York and grew up in Arizona. Now I currently live in Seattle. I love traveling, auto racing, and outdoor

Ruri Nilashanti

Hobbies and Interests I have been living in the United States for over 18 years. I love traveling and doing

Desy Andriani

AchievementsWajah Femina, 1stWinner, 1998   None Jakarta Barat, Wakil 2, 2000   None DKI Jakarta,  Top 5, 2000   Puteri Indonesia, Finalis, 2001  Hobbies: Modelling , presenting, teaching, learning, singing, dancing,

Donny Falah

Organization & Committee ExperiencesKelompok Studi Pasar Modal FEB UI, UI – CEO, Founder (2021-present) The 18th Economix, UI - Business Partnership Senior Staff (2020-2021) Indonesia Model United Nations, UI - Logistics Staff (2020-2021) Badan Otonom Economica, FEB UI - Publishing Staff (2020-2021) KolomRemaja, Independent - Content Creator and Editor (2017-2020) Human Rights Ambassador, Ministry of Law and Human Rights - Public Relations, 2018 High School Celebration, SMAN 34 Jakarta - Event Division, 2018  Volunteering ExperiencesMusikal Petualangan
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