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15 November 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Discussions about why we need English must have crossed your mind at least once. Indeed, English is considered very important to learn. But how important is English that everyone should be able to understand it? Will it still be relevant in the future? How can you improve your English skill?

In this article, you will find the answer to the question above, along with who you should contact when you need English assistance. 

Why is It Important to Learn English?

Why is It Important to Learn English.

English is a powerful language that’s been circulating all around the globe ever since two centuries ago. That is why it has become so influential, and it is wise for everyone to learn the language. These are why you need to study English:

1. English s Used Globally

Why do we use English as an international language? Simply because people are using it.

As of now, 39 countries use English as their official language. The US, UK, and Canada are the world’s biggest English users.

Moreover, 55 countries are using English as a second language. Some of them are the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.

And lastly, other countries use English as a complementary language to better connect with the world. One of them is in Indonesia.

The number above may seem small compared to the total number of countries worldwide. However, it shows how influential English is as a language.

2. English Ability Will Provide Better Opportunities

Mastering English will open many doors for better opportunities to improve the quality of your life. For example, you can enroll in a country with better educational institutions. Or maybe you can work in a multinational company or even work abroad.

In addition to that, English applies in almost all industries. A few sectors that require high English proficiency are Law, Banking & Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, and retail.

3. There Are Many English-Based Entertainments to Enjoy

Even if you are not utilizing your English skill for professional purposes, there are other reasons why English is important in life. You will still be able to enjoy many great English-based entertainments. For example, there are video games, music, art shows, and theater.

Aside from being entertained, such media will also broaden your perspective, as well as social connections. So you will not be missing anything. 

The Future of the English Language

Even though other languages have risen to prominence, and are gradually used worldwide, such as Chinese and Korean, the English language will likely continue to thrive.

Another may replace some English words, phrases, and slang. However, the practice of English will continue for a long time.

How to Sharpen Your English Skill

Now, you understand the importance of English. However, learning the language can be a bit challenging if you are a non-native English speaker.

However, deepening your English skill should not be something you should worry about. Learning or sharpening other languages gives your brain a very positive impact. It constructs your brain and makes you more receptive, creative, confident, and even healthier.

There are enjoyable yet effective ways to study English. You can use the help of various tools, such as music and movies. Or, you can enroll yourself in an English course.

Us in Fun English Course provides a variety of programs that you can get into. Our first goal is to help you reach yours with our English programs.

Our program is well-designed using best practice methods with experienced and competent tutors. It is suitable for everyone of every age, gender, and background.

Should you need any more information on why we need English and how to enroll in our programs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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