4 Difficult English Words to Pronounce and How to Pronounce Them!

25 April 2023 / Team Fun English Course

When you are practicing your speaking skill in English, it is important for you to be aware of your pronunciation. Not only because it can show your speaking skill level but also because it may cause a misunderstanding if you pronounce certain words incorrectly. Therefore, you need to be aware of some difficult English words to pronounce!

If you are new to learning English, it is normal to misspell some words. Moreover, those words are basically just hard words to pronounce and can be tongue twister words in English. 

After all, English words are tons of words that are being adopted from another language. So, it is important for you to be careful when you want to spell those difficult words.

However, if you can pronounce English’ difficult words, you already enhance your pronunciation and speaking skills. Therefore, it is a good thing if you can understand those words and use them daily.

Here are some hard English words to pronounce that you might need to know and learn!

Difficult English Words to Pronounce

Difficult English Words to Pronounce

Having a lot of English words to understand is one of every English learner’s dreams. By understanding many words and being able to use them, it will be easier for you to have a conversation with native English speakers.

Therefore, here are some examples of difficult English words to pronounce that you may encounter in your daily conversation.

  • Mischievous

First, a difficult English word to pronounce is “mischievous”.

Despite the fact that this word often appears in many books or conversations, sometimes it is still hard for a beginner English learner to pronounce this word. Therefore, here we have the guide to pronouncing “mischievous”.

You can pronounce “mischievous” as “mis – chiv – us”. But, you need to be aware that some people pronounce this word as “mis – cheev – ee – us”; obviously, it is not the right one.

  • Epitome

Next, the second difficult English word to pronounce is “epitome”.

Most people pronounce this word as “eeh – pee – tom”. But that is not how to pronounce epitomes. The correct pronunciation of “epitome” is “eeh – pee – tom – ee”. In other words, the “e” at the end of “epitome” isn’t a silent word.

  • Scissors

Who thought that a simple word like “scissors” is often pronounced wrong? Well, most people believe that the right way to pronounce “scissors” is “skis – ors”. Because the plural and single objects end with “-s” and the double “s” in the word.

However, that is not the case for this item. The right way to pronounce “skissors” is “sizzors”.

  • Anemone

Next, another English word you might find hard to pronounce is “anemone”. 

The word is very difficult to pronounce due to the predominance of M, and N sounds and the “uh – nee” at the end being pronounced like the number “1”, making the word “anemone” difficult to pronounce.

Therefore, the correct pronunciation of “anemone” is “uh – neem – uh – nee”. In other words, you should not divide the word into two.

Those are 4 difficult words that you might find hard to pronounce. Next, we will give you tips on how to improve pronunciation skills in learning English!

How to Improve Pronunciation Skills

How to Improve Pronunciation Skills

Here are some tips you can apply to enhance your skill in pronouncing English words!

1. Read The Words Out Loud

First, it is better for you to read those English words out loud rather than just reading them silently. To check whether your pronunciation is correct, you can use Google Translate or check it in a big dictionary. 

This method will make you get used to perfectly pronouncing the word.

2. Listen to English Songs and Audiobooks

Next, you can enhance your pronunciation by listening to many English songs, audiobooks, etc. This way will also make you enhance your vocabulary. 

3. Use The Words in Conversation

Lastly, you can practice your pronunciation of some English words by using those words in your daily conversation. Therefore, you won’t feel strange when you use or hear those words because you already use them daily.

But, if you feel confident with your speaking skill, you can start practicing by applying some tips and tricks to building conversation in English. 

You can find more information about how to start improving your conversation skills by joining us in Fun English Course. You will also find other information about enhancing your English skills there. 

So, that’s all information about difficult English words to pronounce and how to pronounce them correctly!

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