5 Reasons Why Learning English is So Important

20 June 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Knowing English improves the chances of getting a great job, enjoying entertainment and improving your grade at school. That’s why learning English is so important

Being the worldwide communication, media, and internet language as well as a useful tool for socializing and amusement, studying English is essential for everyone!

So, let’s take a quick look at the five reasons why you need to learn English right now! 

1. English is the International Communication Language

5 reasons to learn english

If English is not the most used international language, it is the primary language of 53 countries. Therefore, over 400 million individuals worldwide speak English. 

However, starting a conversation in English is much more than having the ability to talk with natives. 

As it is the world’s most popular spoken second language, you need to master it before using it. 

According to the British Council, by 2020, two billion individuals throughout the globe will be learning English. 

Studying English is crucial because it enables you to communicate with people worldwide easily. Therefore, it is among the 5 reasons to learn English

2. Access to a Wide Range of Entertainment.

why english is important for students

You probably notice that English is the primary language for most of the world’s finest films, novels, and musical compositions. Aside from providing a great deal of fun, studying English will also allow you to understand various cultures better.

It is unnecessary to rely on translations or subtitles to enjoy your personal favorites such as music videos, movies, or television programs if you are fluent in English. Watching English-language films and television series is also a wonderful way to learn the language while having a good time!

Thus, we encourage children to engage in many Fun English Course programs to perform English in their daily lives.  

We are working to inspire students to study English while learning international culture through fun classes. Therefore, we offer various fun English classes to highlight the importance of learning English

3. More Access to Information in the Digital World

why english is important for careers

The internet’s primary language, according to Education First, is English. English is also the primary language for the world’s most popular websites. Moreover, 565 million individuals are said to be online every day.

The Internet gives you more reasons why you are learning English. Especially because learning English is essential for those who want to access more than half of the Internet’s material. 

Thus, having the ability to read English opens up a world of knowledge that would otherwise be out of reach.

4. Why English is Important for Careers

the importance of learning english

English is the major business language, and speaking English is nearly necessary to operate globally. According to global research, many worldwide organizations demand workers be proficient in English.

The official language of Microsoft in Beijing is English. In 2010, Rakuten, a collaboration between Amazon and eBay, made English proficiency obligatory for all 7,100 Japanese workers.

In conclusion, the value of learning English in global business cannot be overstated.

5. Learning English Helps You Get a Good Grade

why learning English is so important

One of the reasons why English is important for students is that it gives easy access to the fresh knowledge available these days. Since most academic materials are written in English, understanding the language becomes more and more crucial. 

English is a gateway to getting good grades as access to knowledge would keep you ahead of your competition.

Learning and enjoying all the things available in the world is an essential aspect of living. However, you cannot simply do it without knowing English. That’s why learning English is so important!  

Do you want to start learning English right away? Try Fun English Course, which offers a variety of exciting programs for students and even employees, with flexible study hours. Start now and reap the many benefits of learning English!

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