6 Reasons Why English is Important for Students

5 September 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Are you currently a student? Let’s face it, mastering English in this era is vital, given the benefits. There are indirect expectations for people of all ages to learn this widely spoken global language, including students. Here are the reasons why English is important for students!

6 Reasons Why Learning English is Important for Students

English exists in almost every layer of students’ daily lives. It is the language of technology, literature, science, and more. Hence, it is important to study the language. If you’re a student and curious to find out the answer to “Why is learning English important?”, check out the list below!

  • Connect with Wider Circles

Do you feel bored living in your everyday bubble? Do you want to make new connections? Well, English is one of the most helpful keys to pursuing it. Being skilled in English, you’ll find it easier to make friends with worldwide students.

This way, you can meet and create new circles easily, online or offline. Statista Research Department[1] published that as of January 2020, English was leading as the most well-known online language with 25.9% of internet users. This shows the importance of English as an international language

Among the number of internet users above, there are possibly numerous students who connect so it is a good chance for you to try!

  • Enhancing Educational Opportunity

By mastering English, you can take any type of classes or courses taught in English as you like. Therefore, your educational opportunity will be enhanced compared to those whose English proficiency is limited to none.

Mastering English is also a plus if you’re planning to apply for a study abroad that requires good English proficiency. Therefore, you have to be consistent in learning English until you get to master the language for your educational purposes.

  • Understanding Various English-Written Papers

Possessing great English proficiency is advantageous since many online scientific papers are written in English. A study published in the National Library of Medicine[2] stated that 98% of publications related to science are written in English.

When you master English, there will be nothing stopping you from gaining knowledge from a myriad of international sources since the language barrier is no longer an issue. 

  • Understanding English-Spoken Media

Besides understanding scientific papers, you’ll also get to understand different kinds of media easily by mastering English as English is prominent in current global media, including films, TV shows, songs, and more. 

Therefore, your learning experience will be more enjoyable and your skill will be upgraded along the way without relying too much on subtitles.

  • Helping You to Get a Job

If you speak English, you will be more employable, especially if you aim to apply for an international company. Being fluent in English, your value will be increased since you can present and exchange ideas with global clients smoothly and professionally.

Therefore, preparing an excellent English proficiency during your student era can help you to get a job in the future.

  • Escalating your Confidence

Lacking confidence? Oh, maybe you just need to step up your game by mastering English. Once you’re fluent in English and start to show it off to the world, you will stand out more and gain your self-value.

This way, you will build up your confidence step by step. Once you realize this, you will have no more lack of confidence.

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