3 Reasons Why English Became International Language

25 September 2022 / Team Fun English Course

English is famous for its title, The Global Language. This title is also supported by how English is often used, from regional to international. Until now, English is still number one on the list of most spoken languages worldwide. Therefore, here we have three reasons why English become an international language until this day!

What is International Language?

why english became international language

Before we talk about why English became an international language, first of all, let me tell you what precisely international language means.

Basically, an international language is a language that can connect people from different countries. Through this language, these people can communicate and understand each other. 

For example, when the United Nations have an assembly, they will use the international language to communicate. Yet, the members of the United Nations are still coming from different countries that don’t use English as their national language.

So, the role of international language in this world, mostly in global knowledge and culture, is very important. It may make you ask, why can English become an international language today? Well, here are the reasons!

The British Empire Effect

why english became international language

The first reason English became the international language is still related to the history of The British Empire.

The British Empire was known as one of the biggest empires that were able to bring many effects to many continents in this world. At that time, British people from the British Empire could only speak English.

So, when they come to the other continents (such as Africa and Asia) to trade spices, they only speak English. This has made the language spread naturally in the places that the British Empire came from before.

Therefore, as time passes, many scholars from each continent can study English. Then, those scholars became officials and functionaries in their countries. So, they can spread the language as an international language used in international forum discussions.

The Snowball Effect of Language

why english became international language

Next, the reason why English is the international language is because of the snowball effect that happens from this language.

At first, there may only be British Empire people who could speak English. Then, the British Empire spread the language in colonization and international trading. The use of English is also spread through people who come into contact with the British Empire. From that small number, it’s getting bigger. And now, almost every country uses English as their second or third language.

The Development of Technology

why english became international language

Another big reason why English is the international language today is that the USA, also the country that uses English as the main language and national language is one of the biggest world business centers. Therefore, as the developed technology comes from the USA (actually, Europe too), the language that is used in those technologies is also English. 

This has made the country that uses those technologies need to be able to understand English. So, they can use the technology in their country.

Knowing those three main reasons why English is the international language, it is already clear why English has become so important these days. If you want to start learning English or practice your English proficiency levels, such as TOEFL or IELTS, you can begin to study it from now on.

You can join any online English courses  or by joining Fun English Course, you will have a medium to enhance your comprehension and production oral or writing skills.

So, those are three main reasons why English become international language today.

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