What is TOEIC? Here’s All Information You Need to Know

5 November 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Whether it is for scholarships, work applications, or just a graduation requirement, TOEIC is heavily used around the globe. What is TOEIC and its purpose? More importantly, will it be beneficial for you? This article answers all your questions about the test and how to get the best score.

TOEIC: What it Means & What is It For

TOEIC What it Means & What is It For

Before we dive deeper, maybe you want to know the answer to the most basic question; what does TOEIC stand for?

TOEIC is short for Test of English for International Communication. it’s a proficiency test aiming to estimate your capability to read, listen, speak, and write in English. Such skills are often required for non-native English speakers, especially in a professional environment.

The questions in the TOEIC test are strictly formulated by ETS (Educational Testing Service). Consequently, every institution that administers the test should follow ETS standards. And according to ETS, there are two types of TOEIC tests:

  • Listening & Reading Test
  • Speaking & Writing Test

The two tests are not complementary. It means you’re free to do only one depending on your need. 

As of now, there are more than 150 countries that use TOEIC as their standardization method. However, in 2021, most TOEIC test-takers are consecutively from Europe, South America, and Africa.

Levels of TOEIC Score

Upon completing the tests, you will be given a score on a scale of 10 to 990.  This is the detail of the TOEIC score level and its brief indications:

  • 10-250. Getting this score means you only have fundamental English proficiency. it’s enough for survival, but it may feel challenging in speedy interactions.
  • 255-400. This score indicates the ability to communicate using simple terms at a very limited level.
  • 405-600. This improves from the previous level, meaning you have a richer vocabulary for simple events.
  • 605-780: This level shows the ability to work with various words, terms, and expressions. You will have less difficulty connecting the dots and describing events, which is sufficient for a professional environment.
  • 785-900: The score indicates the ability to construct abstract or complex ideas. You can interact with spontaneity and fluency and will have little difficulty navigating work.
  • 905-990: You can read between the lines at this level, and you will have good capability in most kinds of interactions.

There is no such thing as “failing the TOEIC test”. However, you may want to pay attention to the standard score that your institution requires. But rest assured, you can find TOEIC test samples in many TOEIC tests online all over the internet.

Upon completing the test, you will receive your TOEIC certificate in approximately 30 days. The certificate will be valid for two years, and it’s valid globally.

Should I Take TOEIC Test

Should I Take TOEIC Test?

The answer to the question is “it depends on your goal”.

Having TOEIC will surely be beneficial, and it goes beyond mere formality. The presence of a TOEIC score will help a lot to boost the credibility of your resume. It means the higher your score, the higher your chance to stand out among many candidates.

However, according to a statistic by IIBC Global, around 33% of TOEIC takers sometimes have difficulty juggling with English. Also, around 39% take the test thrice or more.

While there is no restriction to take the test multiple times, the data proves that TOEIC is not something you can take lightly. In addition to that, TOEIC’s price is not exactly low. The cost for a TOEIC test is around $140, although the number may differ in every TOEIC test organizer.

So, to not waste your time and money, it’s better to come fully prepared. And that is where a Fun English Course will come in handy.

Fun English Course will help improve your English skill in a fun and interactive way, with a thoroughly-formulated method suitable for every age. With Fun English Course, tackling TOEIC questions will be no problem.

So, if you want to know more about what is TOEIC or have questions about Fun English Course’s programs, feel free to contact us.

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