4 Ways to Stay Motivated when Learning English

5 July 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Learning English is one of the most important things every student should do nowadays. However, you need to find some ways to stay motivated when learning English.

English has been known as an international language that is used in many forums and occasions. But, for those whose mother tongue isn’t English, such as Indonesia, learning a new language such as English can be tough. Moreover, they may lose motivation because of the struggles that happened. 

Here’s how you can stay motivated during your learning phase! 

Practical Ways to Stay Motivated when Learning English

There are a lot of tips for studying English. But, not all of them can be practical enough for beginners to apply. Aware of this issue, here we have 4 practical ways that you can apply to stay motivated when learning English.

A Mistake is Knowledge Too!

4 Ways to Stay Motivated when Learning English

First, you shouldn’t take them too personally when you are learning something (not just English). After all, making mistakes is a way for people to know the right things. Such as learning English.

When you study English, which is a language that is not your mother tongue language, it is normal to make mistakes. When you make some mistakes through the process, you can elaborate on your mistake and fix it. By this method, you will remember the exact mistake you made and the solution. So, you won’t make the same mistake in the coming future.

After all, even native speakers of English also make mistakes when they speak in English. Therefore, you should try to be brave and practice yourself, don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Don’t Be Afraid of Languages

ways to stay motivated when learning english

So, what’s the hardest thing about learning a new language? Of course, overcome the fear of learning a new language! It may sound simple, but when you feel fear of learning new words in a new language, English, for example, you won’t be able to learn it effectively.

When you think English is too hard to understand, then slowly you will lose your motivation to study it. And if you keep having that kind of mindset, you won’t be able to study them. So, you can start to motivate yourself to study English by thinking that new languages aren’t that hard. You just need extra time to understand, speak, and write in that language.

Take a Baby Step, Don’t Forget to Get Some Break!

ways to stay motivated when learning english

Most people feel exhausted in learning English because they push themselves too hard. They want to study English, remember a whole vocabulary in one night and be able to speak as better as native speakers the next day. But, learning English, or any new language, can’t be like that!

You can take little steps in learning English. By taking it slow, you will have more time to understand a subject and each detail. If you are in a rush, you may only remember them but can’t understand the usage of some words or tenses.

Next, you also need to get some break from studying English. You can make a schedule including things you will learn and a day off. So, you will be aware of your progress and able to avoid stress by studying every day.

By doing that two things, you won’t lose the motivation to study English because you feel exhausted.

Choose The Best Way to Learn English

ways to stay motivated when learning english

The last of these tips for staying motivated when learning English is to choose the best method to study them. You can make studying a fun and exciting activity to do.

For example, if you love to listen to music, then you can learn English by listening to music and breakdown the lyrics. Or, if you love to watch films, then you can watch English films with English subtitles.

By choosing the best way that suits you to learn English, you won’t feel bored or exhausted. But, make sure you won’t lose your focus while studying. You can look for some tips on how to stay focused when learning English with fun courses and fun methods.

So, that’s all information about ways to stay motivated when learning English. We hope you can enjoy your journey in learning English by staying motivated through the process!

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