5 Tips for Successful Job Interview in English

30 September 2022 / Team Fun English Course

The interview is one of the hardest parts when it comes to applying for a job. Either to join the company and get into a bigger company in the future. Therefore, to overcome the interview part in applying for a job, here are some tips for a successful job interview in English!

Even more, the interview in English may appear more challenging than we thought before! But, if we can perform well, it will be a big step. 

Do Some Research!

Tips for successful job interview in english

First, what you need to do when you are preparing yourself for a job interview is you should do some research. You must know what kind of position you’ve applied for before. 

You must also know the job description and what to know about that position. Next, you also need to know about the company you are applying to. What kind of company is that? What do they need right now to develop their company?

By knowing detailed information about the position and the company, the interviewer will see you as a compatible employee for their company. So, you have a bigger chance of getting in the position you apply for in the company.

Practice and Be Prepared

Tips for successful job interview in english
Tips for successful job interview in english

Next, common tips that people always know but barely apply are practice, practice, and keep practicing!

To be prepared for an interview section, you should practice most effectively. You also need to be focused when you practice. You can start by arranging a whole text. It can be about your answer that you got to any possible question the interviewer may ask. 

Next, you can try to memorize them, but not all words in the text! Then, to practice your skill in answering the impromptu questions, you can ask your friends to help you ask some new questions.

Speak Clearly, but Not Too Slow

Tips for successful job interview in english

Another tip for an impressive job interview in English that you should apply is to speak clearly, but not too slowly.

These tips can be really important for those who don’t use English as their main or mother-tongue language. Therefore, to be able to deliver your message clearly to the interviewer, you should speak clearly and don’t be in a rush. 

But, it doesn’t mean you can use all your time. Make sure you already practice yourself at a particular time. So, you will be able to utilize the given time effectively.

Use Simple Words and Sentences

Tips for successful job interview in english

You should use simple words and sentences for those who will have your first interview in English. Using native and academic-related English is better because it will make you look compatible enough in using English. 

But, if it is your first interview in English, you should use simple words and sentences to help you deliver your message clearly to the interviewer.

The interviewer will prefer those applicants who can speak well and send messages. It shows that you are compatible enough to communicate with the other employees in the company.

Watch Some Mock Interviews in English

Tips for successful job interview in english

So, how to get used to answering questions in English? Well, of course, you need to practice it every day. But, there is another way you can use to practice yourself to answer and predict some questions that may come up in your interview. 

By watching mock job interviews in English, you will be able to know common to uncommon questions that interviewers may ask you. You also can practice answering those questions with your own answer.

You can also look up some tips on how to prepare for an interview in English on Fun English Course. The more information you get about the questions the interviewer may ask you, the more prepared you are to overcome the interview session.

Now, you already know 5 tips for successful job interviews in English. Next, you can try to apply to each of them and practice for your interview. Good luck!

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