3 Important Tips for English Learners

15 July 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Learning English can be a lot of fun. But even though it’s a widely available and relatively simple language to pick up, it also has 750,000 words and pronunciation that can hurl off even some of the most skilled students. Thus, it might seem impossible to learn English quickly, especially when you don’t know the right tips for English learners

However, Fun English Course is here to inform you that this is not the case so long as you use the appropriate tactic. The following is a list of our best advice on how to learn English at lightning speed!

1. Read Anything You Can Put Your Hands on That is Written in English 

english learning tips for beginners

This includes great novels, printed books, magazines, websites, messages, your feed on social media platforms, and even the back of cereal boxes. Why? This english learning tip for beginners will introduce you to a substantial quantity of fresh vocabulary, in addition to reiterating a number of words that you are already familiar with. 

Furthermore, this tip for learning English at home helps you progress more rapidly. Since re-exposing yourself to previously taught language provides you with fresh examples to use in different situations. Doing this, in turn, reinforces the vocabulary in your memory. 

On the other hand, expanding your vocabulary via the study of new words and phrases is crucial to the process, especially in the English language, which has such a large number of terms.

2. Engage in Conversation with Actual Living People

english study tips

What is the point of learning a language if not interacting with others? Thank you, instant messaging platform, for making it possible for us humans to become specialists at communication without really speaking to one another. 

However, when it comes down to it, speaking indeed helps you remember it much better than just learning to write it. This English study tip is especially true for foreign languages. Just think about how often you’ve heard someone declare that they “understand but can’t speak English.” Now double that number by the number of times. 

Many people who would want to be able to speak English have convinced themselves that the difficulty of doing so is insurmountable, which has the effect of making them anxious. However, don’t act in such a manner. Thus, find some native speakers to engage in a conversational language exchange with you, sign up for a Fun English Course class, or take some lessons online.

3. Become a Subscriber to Podcasts or Channels on YouTube (in English)

tips for learning english at home

Like Blogging? Cooking? Humor? Politics? There are podcasts or Video channels available in English that cater to any conceivable interest. If you’re looking for something specific, you may find this a new way of learning English

Subscribe to a handful of them and either listen to them or watch them while you’re driving to work or school. Still, you may have difficulty understanding what you hear at first because of the native accents. 

But if you keep at it, you’ll soon start comprehending what you’re hearing. Moreover, you’ll also pick up a ton of new vocabulary from a native! Isn’t this tip for learning English exciting?

Last But Not Least

tips for learning english

If you continuously remind yourself of why you want to improve your English skills, you will probably find that your studies go by much more swiftly. 

So, how to learn English? Are you planning to participate in a student exchange program? Then, you should concentrate on academic vocabulary connected to your academics.

Have a conference in another country? Then, review some possible topics to discuss with the other people taking part. 

You can’t go into learning English with the mindset that you can miraculously pick up everything in one go. You are setting yourself up for a future of mental exhaustion and confusion. 

Therefore, a tip for English learners: you should set the target. Then, join Fun English Course to learn skills according to what you need!

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