5 Productivity Techniques for Learning English

15 June 2022 / Team Fun English Course

It is not always easy to pick up English when you are not a native. Thus, you might need to practice some productivity techniques for learning English

It may take some time and effort, but you will see the benefits of getting a handle on it.  

Traveling will be more enjoyable if you are proficient in English. Furthermore, the newest best-selling novel or Hollywood blockbuster doesn’t have to be translated into your original tongue before you can enjoy it. 

For convenience, we’ve compiled some pointers on how to get the most out of your time spent studying English.

1. Focus on Phrases Rather than Individual Words

how to learn english by yourself

The first step on how to learn English by yourself – If you want to learn English or any other language, you should not memorize specific words. Doing so is pointless since it would not help you recognize the language patterns. 

As a substitute, you should focus on the whole sentence. It is simpler to remember the definition of words if you understand what they signify and how they are used.

2. Listening is an Excellent Way to Learn New Things

how to start learning english

Even if textbooks are a good way to learn English, you should not depend on them completely. When it comes to having a conversation, textbooks may teach you a lot about vocabulary and grammar, but they are not always the best resource. 

So, you might wonder how to start learning english. Listening, not reading, is the best method for mastering the English language. Listening is a great way to pick up new words and grammar without realizing it.

3. Take a Test of Comprehensive English

productivity techniques for learning english

It is essential to know your current level of English proficiency. E.g., Comprehensive English instruction is to see whether your current proficiency level is Intermediate or below, and individualized instruction for students at the Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels.

You can contact us to get more information about the free proficiency test you can take. Moreover, you can also book a class with Fun English Course to learn and develop your language power effectively. 

4. Put quality Ahead of Quantity

When it comes to mastering a foreign language, quality over quantity always wins out. Therefore, learning a single phrase and repeating it is better than learning a slew of new words quickly. 

This keeps you from being overwhelmed by the amount of information you are presented with. Moreover, you may more deeply embed the content of the text in your brain by using this method. It means you would not forget it so quickly.

5. Learn Language in a Fun and Creative Way.

easy learning english

What do you think about learning English? Do you want to take a strict formal class to upgrade your language proficiency? We bet you would not want it!

Thus, taking a class in Fun English Course may help you get in touch with English knowledge in the most fun and creative ways. We provide easy-learning English classes to help you learn effectively. 

The Bottom Line

Language is not just a tool at Fun English Course. We believe that it is the most important aspect of our life since it gives us access to knowledge and various information.

Thus, every little change makes a big impact. However, it is okay not to be flawless. But, with us, you would notice the advantages as you gain confidence in your English communication skills.

We think that action builds confidence. So our lecturers will constantly push you to go further with our very own productivity techniques for learning English. Speak up, speak quickly, and upgrade your knowledge! Start now and be productive in learning English.

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