7 Useful Tips for Online English Teacher Jobs

5 October 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Are you eager to get an online English teaching job? Online teaching jobs have been on the rise these days. The amount of online teacher vacancies is also increasing due to the post-COVID-19 pandemic situation where learning through the internet is becoming popular.

However, before starting your career in the English teaching area, you must ensure that you have everything well-prepared. Check out the valuable tips for online English teacher jobs!

7 Useful Tips for Online English Tutors

Here’s the list of tips to pay attention to for your online English tutoring job.

1. Do a Proper Research into the Field

Being an online teacher, you can decide whether to go individually or work with a certain company to start your career. Therefore, you need to do research before deciding on that part.

You can start by comparing which option is the best online English teaching job and which one will offer you more benefits. Compare the pay range, work hours, requirements, and the range of students’ locations to adjust the time zone.

If you are a fresh graduate with zero experience, choose the companies that require no prior work experience. That way, your chance of getting accepted will be bigger

2. Polish Your Resume

A good resume is one of the things that will help you open the doors of opportunities. Hence, filling your resume with a minimum BA degree and detailed work experience is a must.

Should you have no BA degree to apply for teaching jobs, consider getting a TEFL qualification. However, you should always double-check whether it is acceptable to the company.

Elaborate on your former job description to make the recruiters clearly understand what you are capable of. On top of that, you can also attach a clear photo to your resume to show off your professionalism.

3. Prepare Online Teaching Setup

online tutoring jobs in Indonesia

One of the most important things while teaching online is the setup. Please ensure that you have prepared the proper installation to make the class activity goes smoothly.

The basic needs for online teachers are:

  • Tech-savvy skills.
  • A computer/laptop/tablet with a good camera resolution.
  • A headset with a good-quality microphone.
  • A good internet speed.

However, some companies may not require a laptop/computer to teach. Hence smartphone is an understandable option.

4. Have Excellent English Teaching Skills

 online high school English teacher jobs

Remember, your main job is to teach your students English. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a thorough knowledge of the language and the capability to transfer your knowledge to the students.

There are cases where excellent English speakers cannot teach English because they are unfamiliar with transferring knowledge to other people. That is why communication skill plays an important role in a teaching job.

5. Be Flexible for All Grades

online teacher vacancy

Usually, certain companies randomly assign their teachers to different age groups or grade levels. Therefore, you need to possess strong prior knowledge of each grade level’s needs for English learning.

This flexibility applies to both young learner teaching jobs to online high school English teacher jobs.

6. Prepare Good Classroom Management

Unlike face-to-face teaching, online teaching implementation needs more effort. During online teaching, the students are not physically in the same place as you. Therefore, you must have good classroom management to minimize inconveniences during learning.

7. Be an Accessible Tutor

As a tutor, you must be accessible, both to your students as well as to your company. There are always possibilities for your pupils to contact you after class, hence dropping your contact is necessary.

Moreover, there may be changes in the class schedule by the companies. Therefore, being ready 24/7 as a teacher is a must.

If you’re interested in applying for online English teacher jobs, Fun English Course is always open for online tutoring jobs in Indonesia. We offer great online tutoring opportunities for passionate teachers out there. Contact us here!

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