Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri Supports English for Indonesia Program from the British Embassy

14 September 2021 / funengli

The Minister of Manpower, M Hanif Dhakiri, supports the steps taken by the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and the British Embassy in Jakarta to create an “English for Indonesia” language training program. The program is believed to be able to help Indonesian people care more about English and have the capacity and ability to master English.

“We support the implementation of the English for Indonesia program as a way to improve the quality of human resources in facing the challenges of the world of work,” said Hanif, when opening the Breakfast Event Workshop held by the British Embassy and the British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham) in Jakarta, Thursday (20/20). /9/2018).

He hopes that the English for Indonesia program can be a solution for Indonesian workers or Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) who work abroad. The reason is that English language skills are the main weakness of Indonesian workers, in addition to computer mastery and leadership management.

“We will support the English for Indonesian language training program which has been the weakness of our workers. This is a good opportunity for Indonesian workers to be able to complement not only technical skills, but also language. Mainly in English,” said Hanif.

On this occasion he also invited British and European investors to increase economic cooperation, including cooperation to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) to create a competent and professional workforce.

“The government is open and open to cooperating with companies from the UK and Europe to be involved in improving the quality of human resources in Indonesia. For example, vocational training, program collaboration, as well as the issue of the mechanism for using foreign workers with new regulations,” said Hanif.

The British Ambassador, Moazzam Malik, expressed his readiness to cooperate in improving human resources, especially English as an effort to increase Indonesia’s competitiveness in the future.

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