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15 March 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Learning English autonomously might be fun and flexible. However, when you choose to learn English online with teacher, it will bring great benefits to the table. Check out the benefits!

The Benefits of Learning English Online with Teachers

The Benefits of Learning English Online with Teachers

Mastering the art of learning English by yourself might sound like the best idea.  Moreover, there are an infinite amount of websites that provide learning materials for you to learn English for free.

However, some of these websites don’t offer a teacher’s help in learning—the learners are self-taught. Having an English tutor to guide you during your online learning process is more beneficial. Why?

A study[1] published in the International Journal of Educational Science and Research stated that teachers act as the learner, facilitator, assessor, manager, and evaluator during the learning activity.

Therefore, having a teacher play those roles will help you master and improve your Englishduring your online learning.

Here are some of the pros of having an online teacher during English learning:

1. Learn from the Best

Teachers assigned to teach online learning classes should possess extraordinary teaching abilities. Hence, you can learn from the best by joining online courses with teachers.

For example, you can learn and adapt the way the teachers speak or write, what vocabulary is used, and how to use English for specific purposes. That way, you can get much essential first-hand knowledge from experts.

2. There is a Clear Guidance

Having a teacher to support your learning experience will provide clear guidance during the program.

You will have someone to give you the knowledge, correct your mistakes, evaluate your performance, and manage your whole learning activity. So, all you need to do is just sit down and follow the teacher’s instructions.

3. Take Advantage of New Technologies

These days, the risings of advanced technologies have emerged to help learners improve their learning experience. The role of an online teacher in this field is to provide learners with online technologies as learning materials.

Using online platforms while learning English will make your learning experience more varied and interactive.

4. Personalized Learning

The teacher will provide you with the materials according to your need and your English level. You can also adjust yourself by entering a course that includes a certain level of English.

Many courses offer classes by grouping them into certain ages or specific levels—for example, different classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.

In addition, some classes only focus on a specific topic, such as conversation or exam preparation.

The Best Choice of Online English Course

The Best Choice of Online English Course

If you are looking for the best online English course at an affordable price, English Fun Course is a great choice to enroll in.

The classes in Fun English Course are divided into some exciting programs, including English for Children, English for Teens, English Conversation, Test Preparation, English Club for Children, and English Club for Teens and Adults.  

They divide the classes into categories to focus on what skill they want to improve according to their age and English level.  

In addition, the learning activities are compelling in terms of the topics discussed, the games being chosen, the clarity of the final target, and the overall delightful experience.

For this reason, it will be beneficial for the learners as they get to experience being in a classroom environment without feeling burdened.

The Benefits of Joining Online Classes at Fun English Course


You can get many advantages by joining the programs at Fun English Course. Here are some of them:

  • Qualified teachers with excellent English teaching competency.
  • Great learning method according to best practices.
  • A top curriculum designed according to international standards.
  • Fun and interactive learning experience.
  • Skill-focused classes for various ages and levels.
  • Guaranteed English skill development.
  • Best place to learn at an affordable price to learn English in Indonesia.

By the end of the course, your English skills will be well-developed. Therefore, you will be ready to compete globally.

Join Fun English Course now and learn English online with the teacher to improve your overall English capability!

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