How to Make Kids Like Reading in 5 Simple Steps

25 June 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Most adults don’t know how to make kids like reading until they choose to begin homeschooling their children.

However, acquiring the ability to read is not a ‘normal’ process that occurs on its own, contrary to popular belief. 

Yet, it’s a complicated one that requires the appropriate teaching of phonics and phonemic awareness, among other skills and tactics.

The great news is that, although reading is a challenging activity in and of itself, the methods required to develop these abilities are relatively straightforward.

Thus, you can try these easy activities to encourage reading for kids.

1. Read Together and Ask Questions

how to make kids like reading

Reading with your kids is one of the best ways to encourage kids to read. You’re not just teaching children how to identify words. You’re also helping them improve their comprehension abilities, expand their vocabulary, and hear what a competent reader sounds like. 

Most importantly, daily reading encourages your kid to build a passion for reading. That is the most effective strategy to prepare them for success in school.

By asking a question while reading, you may help your kid improve their comprehension abilities. 

Therefore, you can start by encouraging younger children to interact with the book illustration. Then, ask questions about their opinion. 

2. Stage an Example

how to inspire a love of reading

Some people ask how to inspire a love for reading when they do not even practice it a lot. Typically, you can teach your kids the passion for reading without setting an example. 

Thus, you need to do these at home:

  • First, pick out a book you like 
  • Make time to read the book 
  • Ensure that you read it in front of your kids. 

You would find that your kids would gradually replicate your action as you read regularly. 

3. Being Positive About Reading 

ways to encourage kids to read

Most people to give up by saying, “my child hates reading.” But such negativity would not take you far. Moreover, it would only hinder your kids’ progress. 

Therefore, it is important to stay positive all the time by: 

  • Give rewards for small achievements instead of threatening your kids with punishment. 
  • Keep it fun, although your kids are learning slowly. 
  • Choosing your kids’ favorite books instead of pushing them to choose more complex books. 
  • Providing a quiet environment to make them enjoy reading.

4. Making it Interesting

how to make reading interesting

You may wonder how to make reading interesting, especially for kids. But, you can start from here!

  • Look for novels that your youngster will like. When you make it a point to locate books on topics that are important to your kid, you encourage his interest in reading and show him that you care about what he believes and does.
  • Search for books that you are interested in as well. It is contagious to be enthusiastic. A writer or a narrative line will enthrall your youngster if you are. Exploring new topics via books is a safe and economical method.
  • Encourage siblings to be close. If your kids are many years apart in age, you might want to arrange separate reading periods for them as they become older to guarantee that the texts are suitable for their reading levels. But don’t forget to read with your family. Encourage older children to read to younger children.

5. Sending Your Kids to Fun Classes

activities to encourage reading

Fun English Course provides creative classes where your kids can enjoy reading with friends and study English simultaneously. So, you might want to get your kids to our class to make them like reading. 

The Bottom Line 

Understanding how to make kids like reading is a trivial matter to any parents. But, you can start it at our fun class for youngsters. Start now!

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