4 Tips on How to Learn English at Home Effectively

13 May 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Are you having difficulty maintaining a suitable English learning routine at home? Check out these tips on how to learn English at home to acquire better progress!

Why Learning English at Home?

Why Learning English at Home

These days, many people choose a solo language learning journey due to the easier accessibility of the materials. Accordingly, at-home learning has become a choice.

Moreover, learning English at home is an excellent option for those whose daily activity is relatively packed since they can adjust the schedule based on their daily routine..

There are three main reasons why people choose home learning:

  1. At-home learning saves time.
  2. You can select the materials you like and make the learning activity delightful.
  3. The accessibility is infinite.

Many people choose at-home learning over in-person learning based on those three reasons.

4 Tips on How to Learn English Easily at Home

Tips on How to Learn English Easily at Home

Even though it sounds promising, learning English at home is usually a matter of persistence. Since the learning environment is created to be comfortable enough for learning, sometimes it can be too comfortable that you lose track.

Therefore, these are 4 tips to keep you motivated and stay on track during your learning activity at home:

1. Go to English Learning Websites

Nowadays, tons of English learning websites offer free access to the materials provided. You can choose the ones that meet your liking and start using the materials provided there.

You can train your four language skills on these websites, including reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

2. Set Target and Stick to a Schedule

Learning at home means flexible learning hours. However, this can lead to a messed-up routine when you lose motivation. So, how to learn English effectively?

Setting a target for learning each day or week and creating the appropriate schedule are some effective ways. In these ways, you can ensure your learning experience is appropriately maintained.

3. Tune in to Your Favorite Forms of Entertainment

Podcasts, movies, or other forms of entertainment in English can be used as supplementary learning resources. You can turn on the subtitles while watching movies to enhance your speech perception.

A journal published on PLoS ONE[1] revealed that second-language listening ability could be acquired by turning on subtitles in the same language as the movie.

You can also do this with any other type of video that provides subtitles. As for podcasts, try to look for learning websites that offer transcripts.

How to learn English at home by yourself? It is a fun way to learn English to spice up your learning activity.

4. Join an Online English Learning Course

How to learn English at home for beginners? If you do not think you can stay on track while doing solo learning, you can enroll in an online course to have a tutor guiding you during your learning. 

The benefits of learning with a tutor are that there is someone reliable and experienced to guide you, provide learning materials, and evaluate your learning progress.

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