How to Improve English Speaking Skills in 3 Easy Ways!

20 July 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Almost every single language learner asks the question of how to improve English speaking skills. 

However, when studying a second language, you will have conversations with a wide variety of native speakers, including your instructor, restaurant waiters, taxi drivers, and even your landlord. Thus, it is essential that you feel at ease. 

You can use strategies to enhance you’re speaking English in a focused manner, just as there are strategies that can be used to improve your writing, listening, or any other ability. Here are some of them:

1. Communicate

activities to improve english speaking

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: there is no silver bullet for improving one’s English speaking skills. That seems like it would be too simple. The greatest way to improve your speaking is to practice your speaking well! 

Furthermore, communication is the most important activity to improve English speaking. Thus, it is a priority to engage in regular practice and do so with a diverse range of individuals. Do you already call a foreign country home or attend school there? 

Utilize the thousands of people who are native speakers in your nearby neighborhood, such as your relatives, their families, your workplace, your students, and personnel, at places like coffee shops, supermarkets, post offices, and other places you go often. 

However, suppose you are studying in your own country. In that case, you may boost the time you spend practicing by getting together with your colleagues after class, finding a language exchange partner, or engaging in an English-speaking course for people who are also learning the language.

2. Attend Both Hearing and Reading

how to improve speaking skills

You require language to converse, right? Therefore, learning vocabulary in class is the right way to answer how to improve speaking skills. However, there are additional opportunities for you to expand your knowledge, including listening to music, watching movies, and subscribing to podcasts to pass the time. 

Moreover, you can also take the time to read some books, periodicals, and blogs. When you are listening and reading, look for new and unusual idioms, slang terminology, and synonyms. 

Then, jot down this new information, and check up on anything you aren’t already acquainted with. Because of all this information, you will have more “meat” to work with the next occasion you practice.

3. Listen to Your Voice

english speaking skills

Although we are well aware that the vast majority of individuals find it uncomfortable to hear their own voice on a recording, it is proven that doing so is an excellent approach to enhance your public speaking skills. 

Furthermore, hearing oneself on video reveals aspects of your personality  when you’re frightened, slur, or swallow your “s’s.” 

On the other side, you can be pleasantly pleased to find out that others perceive your speaking ability far higher than yours. So, take your tape to your instructor or to a friend who is a native speaker and ask them for comments on how well you did. This will get you additional points.

Fun English Speaking with Fun English Course

english speaking course

Let’s face it. When you’re having a good time, it’s a lot simpler to take in new information. Therefore, Fun English Course is committing to making your public speaking practice more entertaining. 

In our course to improve speaking, you can start by talking to yourself when you’re by yourself. Then, you can also try to sing along with famous tunes in English, doing colloquial expressions. Moreover, you can perform one-minute “impromptu speeches” on randomized topics.  

You can also try our top tongue twist to make a lesson on how to improve English speaking skills more entertaining. So, join the fun in Fun English Course now!

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