How to Improve English Speaking Skills Effectively

30 November 2022 / Team Fun English Course

When it comes to speaking, there are many English learners who feel hesitant and lack confidence in their skills. This productive skill is indeed a bit intimidating to practice, but—as wise men said—practice makes perfect. Check out these easy tips on how to improve English speaking skills effectively! 

How to Improve Your Speaking Skills and English Proficiency

There are various ways to help you enhance your speaking skills. Here are the doable tips to follow during your English-speaking practices!

  • Expand Your Vocabulary

To help strengthen your speaking skill, widening your vocabulary is advantageous. By acquiring new vocabulary every day, you will no longer have a limited understanding of the language.

Don’t worry, there is no requirement for you to learn big, fancy words. For starters, learn the most useful daily phrases and learn the natural flow of real-life English. You can broaden your vocabulary by watching films/TV shows, reading books, paying attention to song lyrics, and more.

  • Have a Self-Monologue

Having one side conversation with yourself can be an option on how to improve your English speaking skills by yourself, especially if you have no speaking partner available.

There are various topics to bring up during self-talk sessions. For instance, vent out your thoughts loudly, read a book loudly, sing a song loudly, and more. You can even pretend to be in an imaginary podcast or show program to add up the spice.

  • Imitate Your Favorites

One of the most effective ways during speaking practice is by imitating your favorite fluent English speaker. This method is often called speech shadowing.

In speech shadowing, all you have to do is just find an audio track or a video of your English-speaking idols with a subtitle. Then, listen to the full audio or video once and repeat it afterward.

When you repeated it, pause it by every sentence or some sentences. During the pause, repeat the sentence out loud word by word without pausing in the middle. The no-stopping rule is important to help your imitation go with the flow.

This method is quite effective if you are focusing more on improving your English speech pattern and accent. 

If you want to keep track of your speech, you can record it and replay it later to find out which parts you’re still lacking.

  • Find Partners to Learn

It will be more beneficial if you happen to have a fellow language learner partner to communicate with. With a partner, you can practice two-way communication which will result in greater not only good speaking skills but also listening skills.

Moreover, a partner can also give you feedback on your mistakes so that you won’t repeat them over and over again in the future.

If you find it hard to find a partner in your local area, you can always look for partners online on language exchange platforms.

  • Enroll in a Speaking Course

If you want to know how to improve speaking skills for students, maybe a tutor during your practice is the answer. So, the best way to do it is by enrolling in a speaking course.

By joining a course, you will be situated in a class with experienced tutors and fellow learners with various activities to improve speaking skills. This supportive environment will give you promising input to improve your skill. In addition, you will also get motivated given your surroundings.

Fun English Course, Learning from the Best

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