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25 March 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Have you ever considered joining English online conversation classes to enhance your English speaking skill? Know these importances of learning a conversational skill to strengthen your will to join one!

Why is Conversational Skill Important in Learning English?

Why is Conversational Skill Important in Learning English

Did you know one of the steps on how to be a good speaker in English is to practice conversation?

In fact, conversational skill is an essential part of mastering English. Why is it so important? According to Learnlight[1] and Rossman School[2], these are some of the reasons:

1. Learning by Doing

According to Bunkart[3], speaking entails three areas of knowledge: the mechanical elements of language, the speaking functions, and the socio-cultural norms.

You will experience actual oral practice to communicate with other people by practicing conversations. Accordingly, this practice will sharpen all the three areas mentioned above of knowledge.

Therefore, if you aim to polish your spoken English skill, practicing a conversation is an excellent way to start.  

2. Two-way Activity

It takes two to tango. Similarly, a conversation takes place between at least two people. It means that besides speaking skills, both parties also need listening skills to make it happen.

Conversational skills will sharpen not only your ability to speak English but also to listen to English utterances.

Therefore, this is a beneficial activity for learners as English speakers and listeners.

As speakers, they will practice transferring information to the other person communicatively and clearly. 

On the other hand, as a listener, they will show appreciation and ask follow-up questions on the topic being discussed. 

3. Building Up Confidence

The English learners’ most common problem during speaking activity is lack of confidence. Usually, they are afraid of making mistakes and worry about people’s reactions towards them.

Making mistakes is a normal thing in learning a language! If you are too focused on saying the right things on the first try, your skill will go nowhere.

Hence, practicing conversational skills is excellent for you to build your confidence. Try to get used to chatting with other people to break the wall of fear inside your head.

Online English Conversation Program by Fun English Course

Online English Conversation Program by Fun English Course

Have you wanted to practice conversations but have no one to talk to? The “English Conversation” program by Fun English Course can accommodate your learning!

The English Conversation program is for Senior High School and University students, with Intermediate to Advanced levels. 

These online English speaking classes aim to improve the learners’ vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills. By the end of the course, the course expects the learners to speak English in everyday lives and other important occasions confidently. 

Fun English Course conducts its classes online. So, you can still join the conversation practices with minimal mobility. Overall, it will be such an efficient and flexible course!

Fun Online Learning in English Conversation Program


Fun English Course adapted their learning method from the best practice in English teaching for teens and adults in this program. During classes, there are fun activities, including discussion, role play, and presentation.

The teaching will be customized according to the learners’ level of English. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not catching up in classes.

Fun English Course provides the best learning methods, with qualified English tutors who understand how to teach English conversation classes online

In addition, they use an internationally standardized curriculum to make sure the learners are competent to compete globally.

We guarantee that you will have your confidence boosted and your speaking skill enhanced by the end of the course.

Get your seat now to one of the best English online conversation classes in the Fun English Course!

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