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30 March 2022 / Team Fun English Course

Nowadays, numerous websites provide English courses online with certificates. Many people prefer this kind of course since they can get solid proof that they have taken it. So, how will English courses certificates benefit you and how to get them? Find out here.

The Benefits of Having English Course Certificates

The Benefits of Having English Course Certificates

Enrolling in a course that offers a certificate is beneficial for you in some ways. Therefore, check out these benefits that you can get from having course certificates!

1. Enhance Your Portfolio

According to Clarke University[1], a portfolio contains a compilation of the insight of your work ethic and personality. This includes any skills, qualifications, education, and experiences proven with data.

For example, some things that can enhance your portfolio are awards, works in progress, and certificates. 

Hence, your works will have a credential by including these in your portfolio. It confirms you’ve completed something in your life, such as a course.

2. Open Wider Career Opportunity

Commonly, when someone is applying for a job, they will use a resume as a formal document that includes relevant data about the job.

In that case, a list of relevant certificates will help represent your interests and skills in specific fields, including those that need English skills.

If you have any English courses, attach them to your resume to boost your opportunity to get jobs related to the English language.

How to Get English Online Course Certificates

How to Get English Online Course Certificates

Now, the question is, how do you get the English course certificates? Here is the list of methods to help you get English course certificates:

1. Enroll in Online Free Courses

Free English course is one of the easiest places to get course certificates. This option is suitable for you who have a limited budget.

However, most of these free courses usually come with no real-time meetings. The materials mainly consist of videos, lessons, and exercise files.

If you are the type of person who does not rely on real-time course sessions to understand the lesson, English online course free is a good fit.

2. Enter Paid Online Courses with Teachers

There are plenty of paid online English courses that offer certificates nowadays. Some of them provide real-time meetings with teachers, and some of them are not.

However, we truly recommend the classes in which there are real-time meetings with teachers so that you can get the most out of the lesson.

If you are looking for these exact criteria, we recommend joining Fun English Course classes!

Learn English Online with Fun English Course


Fun English Course is a Jakarta-based paid English course that conducts online courses. They have exciting course programs, such as English for Children, English for Teens, English Conversation, and Test Preparation.

If you want to join their English clubs, you can enter the English Club for Children or the regular English Club for teens and adults.

Fun English Course categorizes its programs based on their age and English levels. That way, the teachers can transfer the knowledge according to the students’ capacity. 

There are a lot of benefits that you can get by joining their programs, such as:

  • International standardized curriculum.
  • Fun and interactive programs.
  • Great teaching methods based on best practices.
  • Qualified and experienced tutors with professional experience.
  • Classes based on age and language levels.
  • Certificates!

By the end of the program at the best English online course in Indonesia, you will be guaranteed English proficiency improvement and a certificate proof that you have completed the course.

Improve your English skills by joining an English course online with certificates at Fun English Course and get a certificate by the end of the program!

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