10 English Capitalization Rules to Apply in Your Writing

10 June 2023 / Team Fun English Course

Capitalization is the uppercase letters you see at the start of a word. Even though it may be easy to overlook during a verbal conversation, English capitalization rules are trickier in writing.

When should English be capitalized, and when is it should not? Follow these simple rules and you are good to go.

10 English Capitalization Rules with Examples

English Capitalization Rules with Examples

How to incorporate capital letters in your paragraph? Here are the 10 ways to do it:

1. First Word of a Sentence

  • So, when are you gonna tell me about this mysterious boyfriend?
  • The glasses frames are blue with white stripes.

2. The Word ‘I’

  • I cannot think of anything to write.
  • My father and I are gonna visit Australia this summer.

3. Names and Parts of Name

When it comes to names, titles are sometimes included. What is the English title rule for capitalization?

In fact, the rule also applies to titles or occupations that are part of a name. Moreover, it also applies to writing about other people’s nationalities.

  • Mrs. Edwina is the epitome of an elegant Indian woman.
  • Senator Jacky is a right-wing senator from Texas.

4. Organizations and Institutions

Capital letter also applies to organizations’ names, as well as company names, agencies, brands, and religions.

  • Greenpeace has a program called ‘Green Eater‘ to educate people to plant more green vegetables.
  • The majority of Indonesian citizens are Muslims, which means they hold Islam as a religion.

5. Places

Places refer to the name of a place, building, landmark, direction, and even a common object if it is a part of the place.

  • Ubud is famous as the best place to do yoga in Southeast Asia. You can go there by driving northeast from Canggu.
  • The longest river in the world is the Nile River.

6. Time

Time refers to days or months, historical eras, and holidays. However, capital letters do not apply to seasons or periods of time such as centuries and decades.

  • I was born in the nineteens, precisely on Friday at 11 PM.
  • I plan to donate all my winter jackets and move to Bali on New Year’s Eve.

7. Acronyms and Initials

  • Print the invitation ASAP, and please do not make it past 3 PM.
  • Everybody knows that RDJ is short for Robert Downey Junior, the famous actor.

Despite the rule, there are also some acronyms or initials that currently transform into common nouns. Typically, those words are written in lowercase instead of uppercase. Some examples are;

  • Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging)
  • Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

Then, how to know which is which? To master this, you should simply do more capitalization exercises by reading and practicing your English skill more often.

8. Major and Subjects

  • Kate is so good at math, she receives the highest score in Algebra 102.
  • I cannot believe I forgot to enroll in any language and art classes this semester.

9. Capitalize After a Quote

Even though it is located in the middle of a sentence, what is written in a quote is considered another one. Therefore it needs to be capitalized. Here is how;

  • With gleaming eyes, Daphne said, “You know I love you, but I cannot marry you”.
  • Just like a famous stoic saying, “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality”.

10. Titles of Published Creations

Capitalization applies to various kinds of creations, such as book titles, art, movies, or songs.

  • Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez is rumored to be a song about Justin Bieber.
  • I make this painting in regard to my favorite movie, The Red Point of Marriage.

Learn English Capitalization in the Fun Way

As you may already see, the use of capital letters serves various purposes. Therefore, it is best to master the technique to clarify the context of your message and avoid misinterpretation.

If you want to deepen your capitalization skill faster, Fun English Course is just one call away. With our skillful tutors and best practice method, we will help you learn English capitalization rules in an enjoyable way while ensuring you achieve the desired goal. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance.

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