5 Effective Ways to Learn English Faster

15 August 2022 / Team Fun English Course

English is the most used language in the world. Therefore, if you want to enhance your skill in English, you can try these 5 effective ways to learn English faster

Both on formal or informal occasions, you will need to use English as the main written and spoken language. So, it’s not a surprise if every school, from elementary to university, has a subject or courses to study English. Thus, you need to understand how to learn English faster.

Effective Ways to Learn English Faster

Learning English is not only about how many dictionaries you have. But, it is about how you can choose an effective way to study English. So, you will be able to understand and use the right grammar in English faster. Here are some tips to learn English faster than you can follow.

Ask Questions!

Effective ways to learn English faster

First, if you get an English class or course in your school or university, you can ask your teacher or lecturer many questions.

By asking questions (in English, of course), you already encourage yourself to speak in English. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like how to use a tense or which diction suit the text. You can also add new vocabulary and knowledge about English by asking questions. Did curiosity kill the cat? Nope! Curiosity killed the cat. But the following word is the satisfaction that brought it back!

Read a Lot!

Effective ways to learn English faster

Next, to add your vocabulary collections, you can read books or any text in English. Basically, anything! For example, when you see an advertisement in English, read them loudly. Then, if you find a word you can understand, you can check it in the dictionary. We suggest you use a book dictionary rather than translator apps on your phone because it is more effective to read the details from the dictionary.

By reading many sentences in English, you will also get used to the format or tenses of English grammar. It will enhance your skills in comprehension, reading, writing, and grammar. Therefore, reading books or articles in English can be one of the fastest ways to learn English grammar.

Have Conversations in English

Effective ways to learn English faster

It is useless when you understand the usage of tenses and have many collections of vocabulary in your mind, yet you are afraid to speak it verbally. You need to have conversations or speak in English as much as possible. It will help you to get used to speaking, uttering opinions, asking questions, and answering them in English. It is the best way to learn English speaking.

Take Notes on New Vocabulary You Find

Effective ways to learn English faster

Next, the best way to learn English at home is to take notes on every new vocabulary that you find.

For example, when listening to music, you find some words or idioms you can’t understand. Then, you can look it up in the dictionary or online. After you find the meaning of those words or idioms, you can write them down in your notebook. So, you will remember it every time you find the same words or idioms.

Choose an Effective Way to Learn English

Effective ways to learn English faster

The most important thing you should do when learning English is to choose an effective way or method that suits you. 

Studying hard is good, but studying effectively is better. There are a lot of productivity techniques in learning English that you can try. Then, after you find the best method to study English that suits your style (auditory, visual, or practical), you can apply it every time you learn English. Therefore, you will be able to understand the usage of tenses, grammar, and vocabulary in English faster.

So, that’s all for the information about effective ways to learn English faster. Remember that studying with an effective method will make you enjoy studying!

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