15 Cool Words in English and How to Use Them in a Sentence

30 December 2023 / Team Fun English Course

Having a wide range of vocabulary is crucial to communicating in English. You can showcase your skills beyond the basics just by using some cool words in English.

In this article, you will find some unusual words to use in your practice and the best way to use them. Expand your English proficiency and gather compliments by using this trick!

Unique Words in English that Start with an “A” 

Unique words in English


Adjective – (A – kruh – mow – nee – uhs)

Describes something as sharp, bitter, or cynical, especially in tone, manner, or language.

Example: “The debate club activity ended with an acrimonious exchange between the teams.”


Noun – (Uh – plaam)

The sense of composure, confidence, or self-assurance during difficult situations.

Example: “Despite the disaster that befell her family, Sonya handled the situation with impressive aplomb.”


Adjective – (Aar – kayn)

Something mysterious, obscure, secretive, or only known to a select few individuals

Example: “The ancient site contained arcane symbols that puzzled the historians.”

Interesting Words with Meanings that Start with an “I”

Interesting English words with meanings


Adjective – (In – kuhn – deh – snt)

  1. Very bright, strikingly luminous, radiant, or extraordinarily glowing due to intense heat.

Example: “The incandescent bulbs in the chandelier cast an excessive glow over the room.”

  1. Brilliant, intense emotion, or passionate.

Example: The jury’s face was incandescent with joy as she tasted the contestant’s cooking.


Adjective – (I – neh – fuh – bl)

Unspeakable or indescribable, too extreme to say with words, taboo or too holy to be spoken of.

Example: “The universe contains ineffable mysteries”


Adjective – (In – skroo – tuh – bl)

Mysterious, impossible to understand or describe, enigmatic.

Example: “The investigator of Mirna’s murder case was baffled by the inscrutable clues at the crime scene.”

Deep English Words with Meanings that Start with a “U”

Deep English words with meanings


Adjective – (Uhmp – teenth)

Indefinite number or a very large amount of something.

Example: “For the umpteenth time, I want us to break up!”


Adjective – (Uh – na – loyd)

Pure, cannot be mixed, has no limitations. Typically used to describe pure metals or other substances or pure emotion.


“I will make sure I only use unalloyed gold to make your wedding ring.”

“He feels unalloyed joy and pride when his daughter calls him for the first time.”


Verb – (yoo -surp)

To hold, seize, or take control of something using force or without right.

Example: The military attempted to usurp the government’s authority in a coup d’état.”

Rare Words in English that Start with an “E”

Rare words in English


Adjective – (uh – buhl – ynt)

Someone who is intensely enthusiastic, cheerful, or bubbly.

Example: “Her ebullient attitude and contagious laughter brightened the guests’ mood.”


Adjective – (Uh – feh – mr – uhl)

Something that is very short-lived or lasting for a very brief period.

Example: “The beauty of the orchids is ephemeral, no wonder they are expensive.”


Noun – (Eh – luh – Kwns)

The ability to do something, typically writing or speaking, with grace, style, and persuasiveness.

Example: “Her eloquence speech is so powerful, it moves the heart of many.”

Cool Words in English with Cool Meanings that Start with an “O”

Cool English words with cool meanings


Adjective – (o – pyoo – luhnt)

Something luxurious, lavish, grandeur, or extravagant. It can also depict wealth.

Example: “The hotel has an opulent decoration, but the overnight rate is affordable.”


Adjective – (aam – ni – puh- tnt)

The state of having unlimited and absolute authority, power, or influence

Example: “God is often portrayed as an omnipotent being that has control over everything in the universe.”


Noun – (ee – nuh – file)

Wine connoisseur or wine enthusiast.

Example: “You should consult Bella for the best dish pairing at your party. She is an oenophile.”

English vocabulary grows annually with countless new words. To discover more cool words in English, you will benefit from a qualified tutor and outstanding courses, and Fun English Course offers precisely that. Join us today and witness how our courses enhance your language skills significantly.

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