Choose vs Chose: What’s The Difference Between Them?

15 April 2023 / Team Fun English Course

You must already know that “choose” and “chose” is a different word, right? Even though they have related meaning, there are differences between how to use choose vs chose.

People tend to be confused about when to use “choose” and when to use “chose” in a sentence. Well, they really look alike, don’t they?

The difference between choose vs chose aren’t just the number of their ‘o’ in it. There are more important differences between them that you have to know. Such as the “choose” vs “chose” pronunciation and the context of the word.

So, how do you use “choose” and “chose” in a sentence? Are you guys curious about that? 

Here are the explanations of how to use “choose” and “chose” in a sentence that will help you understand the differences between them!

When to Use Choose

When to Use Chose
choose vs chose pronunciation

“Choose” is an irregular verb that means to decide or pick or select between two or more options. The word is pronounced chooze/chews. It rhymes with snooze and news.

“Choose” is a present form verb. You can use this word to describe the action of selecting something in the present sentences. For example:

  • I am choosing the red dress over the white one because it is on my budget.
  • We have to choose the right partner for this project.
  • The professor always chooses a student to review the subject at the end of class.

Moreover, you can also use the word “choose” in a future sentence. All you need to do is add an auxiliary verb, such as will or go. For example:

  • He is going to choose whether to go out or stay at home tonight.
  • My parents will choose a new babysitter for my little brother.
  • She won’t choose between Bill and Steve.

When to Use Chose

how do you use choose and chose in a sentence

We pronounce “Chose” as choez, rhymes with goes, toes, and knows.

While “choose” is a present form verb, “chose” is on the other hand. The word chose describes the same meaning of “choose”. 

However, this word is used in the simple past tense. So, the definition of “chose” is to have picked or selected something between some options.

Or in the simple way, you can memorize that “choose” is a verb 1 and “chose” is a verb 2. 

Here are some examples of the use of the word “chose”.

  • My family chose to go to Bali on vacation.
  • I chose not to go with my friends last sunday and i regretted it.
  • Mia chose caesar salad for her dinner last night.

Tricks to Use Choose vs Chose Correctly

Tricks to Use Choose vs Chose Correctly

For those who are still confused about when to use “choose” and “chose”, there are some easy ways. 

First, you can check the sentence by replacing this irregular verb with a regular one. For example:

  • Lisa has to pick a song to sing tonight.

In this sentence, the right verb to use is “choose” because the action is in present tense. And when we replace the “pick” with “choose”, the sentence becomes: 

Lisa has to choose a song to sing tonight.

  • She selected Taylor Swift’s song.

In this sentence, the action is done in the past. So, the right verb to use is “chose” and the sentence becomes: 

She chose Taylor Swift’s song.

The next way is, you can remember that “choose” has a double “o” in it, like the word “soon”. It presents the action that is happening or will happen soon.

Now, you must have understood the difference between “choose” vs “chose”, right? To learn more about English words, you can visit Fun English Course. Let’s practice and enhance your English skills with us!

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