Why You Should Join an Online American English Course

22 April 2022 / Team Fun English Course

As a global language, English has some variations with differences. The two most famous English variations are American English and British English. Which one should you learn? Find out the answer and why an American English course is beneficial for you here.

American English vs British English, What are the Differences?

American English vs British English

Actually, these two varieties of English are not the only variety that exists globally. Based on Grammarist[1], there are South African English, New Zealand English, Australian English, etc.

However, American and British English are popular since the first one has the most significant number of speakers, and the latter is the oldest variety of the language itself.

So, what are the differences between these two varieties? VOA Learning English[2] and other sources stated at least seven main differences: 

  • Collective Nouns
  • Vocabulary
  • Auxiliary Verbs
  • Pronunciation
  • Spelling
  • Tag Questions
  • Past Tense Verbs

In addition, following the difference in pronunciation, the accent of both varieties is also different. British English is popular to have an elegant-sounding accent. However, this variety needs more effort to master for foreign learners since the accent is strong.

On the other hand, American English has a relatively less heavy-sounding accent for foreign learners. Therefore, this variety takes less effort to learn than the first one.

Still, if you are to compare the number of differences and similarities between these varieties, the similarities win.

The Benefits of Learning American English

The Benefits of Learning American English

As a variety with the most significant number of speakers globally, American English has a lot to offer. These are some benefits of learning American English:

1. More Number of Speakers

Grammarist[3] stated that there are at least 225 million native speakers of American English around the world. This fact alone can be why you should choose American English to learn.

2. Business Language

Having many speakers leads American English to be the most commonly used business language in an international context. American-based companies and other multinational businesses use this variety of English in their business English.

If you aim to master global business English, American English is recommended.

3. Entertainment

If you prefer Hollywood or other forms of American English-based entertainment, learning it is the best choice. 

By learning American English, you can consume more comprehensive options of entertainment. Moreover, you can have fewer worries if the movies, books, or TV series do not have subtitles available.

After all, choosing the variety of English is up to your preference. 

Why American English Course is Good for You

Why American English Course is Good for You

If you have a goal to enhance your American English ability, joining a course is the best option that you can choose. Why?

Learning English by yourself sometimes can be tricky, especially if you want to focus more on one specific English variety. You stumble upon materials that turn out to be other varieties of the languages.

Therefore, joining a course is beneficial for you because there are tutors who will provide you with learning materials, American English website resources, good exercises, and real-time feedback.

This way, your American English will be improved faster.

Fun English Course, The Best American English Course Online for You


We recommend you join Fun English Course, the best online English course to learn American English. Here, you can learn about American English pronunciation, grammar, spelling, accent, etc.

Some programs are designed for each level of English, including English Conversation, English for Children, Test Preparation, and English for Teens.

Join the American English course by Fun English Course to learn American English from the best resources!

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